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October 08, 2012 - 1:01 pm

a fun day with Barb & Tibby

so it's been really really slow at work still. Once I got my month-end stuff in order, I had nothing to do. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of last week were half days for Cadence and Parent/teacher conferences. I went to hers on Wednesday and Mrs Kitchen had nothing but great things to say about her. We went to Red Robin for dinner as a 'reward' for a great quarter and also because she had gotten a coupon for a free kids meal for her birthday that was expring. Of COURSE I left the damn coupon at home! And I didn't have it saved in my email or anything! ARGH!!! I did manage to get the kitchen cleaned on Wednesday, except for the floor.
Then Friday, we all picked her up and went to the Chiropractor. She got a yellow dot for the day. She pushed her friend Brooke and scratched Chloe because they were cutting in line. What a way to end the quarter. She lost her TV privledges for the entire weekend. I didn't go to kosama all last week with this toe. The Chiropractor said that it isn't broken, just badly sprained because it's horribly swollen and to just keep putting ice on it. It is actually much better finally.
I signed Jade up for swimming starting this friday for free for 4 weeks. I've been wanting to organize and order new jade pictures but just can't seem to do it.I need like 2 hours to just sit and go through everyhing, and finding that precious time is like finding a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.
She's getting so close to walking but just not quite there yet. Cadence had her well visit today and Jade her flu booster. Both girls did very well. She has one tooth that is starting to break through on the bottom. I can feel it but can't see it yet.
Sunday was a lot of fun. We went up to Barbara & Tibby's hotel in scottsdale, went in the pool and hung out. Cadence made a bracelet in the activity center. Then we went to Chili's for lunch. It was just nice to spend some time with them and relax.

Got the inside decorations up but not the outside ones yet. Thursday we went to Walmart and bought some shock, ph- and some algae stuff. All the staining is GONE, which is totally awesome. Didn't get to go swimming on Saturday as I wanted to. Didn't really do much of anything on Saturday. Josh came over and fixed our media center. I went and picked up Yogi's for dinner.
Cadence lost her earring at school we think. Her diamond heart one that my mom gave her. I'm definitely upset about that but I can't really get mad. We also called about the pool grout, want to get that fixed. Still waiting for the final images from the 6 month session. I was told 2-3 weeks and it's now over 3.
I wanted to get back to the chiropractor again today but the dr took too long and I was gone for like an hour and a half. I want to get back to Kosama, I'm paying for it and that frustrates me but my back is still hurting and it's been over a week.
One thing that's been on my mind recently is I'm seeing marriages fall apart at 10+ years. First my internet friends april & dan, they just finalized their divorce after being split for a year and they were married before 98 when I met them. John & Dana are split; trying to work it out but who knows. Now I read that Ilene, my former hr manager is split from her husband and she's home taking care of 3 kids 4-8. Her oldest was in her belly when I started TDS. We are approaching the 7 year mark and the thought of having to go through that after all this time scares the crap out of me. I'd like to think that we've been through pretty much everything a couple can go through so there should be no curveballs that would cause us to split, but I guess you just never know.

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