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August 04, 2020 - 8:33 pm

First day of school! (sorta)

It was nice to have friday night "off" but we were still up by 8, grabbed Wendy's for breakfast and ate it at home and then picked up the girls by 11:30
I just spent the last two-ish hours going through emails, getting things on the calendar, doing the books for the troop and the business, entering mileage and volunteer hours, scanning receipts. So not fun! But feeling a bit more organized. Still have to go through my "other" email, and really get some girl scout stuff together for the first two meetings this month. Everything is virtual through end of September now. I spent the weekend planning and updating my class schedule. I'm doing 6 classes S-Th (two on Tue). Been busy reading books. Got a fall product meeting this week, leader meeting next week, training next week. I feel like August will be busy (at home).
Tomorrow is the first day of school. I got a referral for speech for J so I called and left a message for them today. I filled out school lunch app, but only qualified for reduced so I filled it out again. It's really hard with just the business' income. It's not like there's a salary. Anything made goes back into the business and just enough to cover expenses comes out.

Coronavirus Cases: 18,702,734 (+5.2 M)
ACTIVE CASES: 6,081,139 (+1m)
Recovered: 11,917,230 (+4m)
Deaths: 704,365 (+ 120k)

USA is of course still leading with 4,918,420 cases- 160,290 deaths.
Arizona dropped to 8th!

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