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December 04, 2018 - 4:44 pm


so week 2 is upon me. This job is BORING and not challenging AT ALL! But I guess I'll give it a chance and it's a paycheck in the meantime. At least I know if I decide to quit my job that we can still survive with just Jay hustling but I'd love to have something before leaving because that was too stressful for me. At least this week my manager is at a trade show so I don't have him breathing down my back, although I still can no longer multi-task and that seems to be the most frustrating thing for me.
I ran around all weekend trying to get things done but felt like I got nothing accomplished. The children sat in front of some form of screen all weekend. I don't even think Cadence got dressed. So frustrating for me.
Friday when I got done, we went food shopping and then I wrapped presents and then it was time to get the girls.
Took jade for a haircut on wednesday- she chopped it all off- it's super cute. Also got the tree up this weekend and decorated.
I keep telling everyone that they need to pitch in but it's not getting into their brains yet.
I don't think I can do everything but I'm damn sure going to try!

Still hoping to win that lotto to open up a pound studio. I can dream, right?

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