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September 20, 2018 - 10:07 am

Bad news with more bad news

This week was pure crap
Monday I didn’t hear from osg. I had the hearing.
Tuesday I got a call around 1 from osg. I was #2 aka first place loser. I was devastated. I cried for about 3 hours. Jay was asking about dinner and told me “don’t b grumpy” well it was supposed to come out as snarky and sarcastic but I was so angry at that moment in time I just yelled at him. I said I have every right to be upset right now so don’t tell me I can’t be. I think I caught him off guard. He just kind of looked at me and then walked away. I apologized for yelling but he was angry with me anyway, which just upset me further. I turned most of my setlist into angry music and took out all my aggression with ripstix. Megan crashes my class. I needed that. I felt better when I got home. Jay was still being weird. Then I got an email saying my unemployment was denied. At least all the bad news came in one day. I had trouble falling asleep. I had a headache and just felt awful.
Yesterday I was not looking forward to gen Pound plus I had an eye dr appt beforehand. I spent the morning applying for jobs. Surprisingly the 3 brats were participating and being nice. It was an ok class.
Got an actual rejection letter from the casino. Still no word from bw or Tivity. I gave up on the other one.
I had no interviews this week. I’m definitely feeling down and frustrated. Going to need to dig into savings to start paying bills. It’s just all too much bad and no good. I can’t give up but I kind of want to at this point.

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