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September 17, 2020 - 2:39 pm

lots of going out

Busy week. J had RISE testing M, T, W plus speech. Yearbooks finally came in and I got her perfect attendance medal from last year. The USDA extended free meals for kids so I picked up lunches M/W. Went to ZT to drop off free coffee we got on Thursday. All the libraries! Lots of reading, learning new songs. Today, catching up on troop stuff, plus I've had people picking up packets all week long.
Finished the 10th season of Shameless, 2 seasons of Cobra Kai and on to the 2nd season of in the dark.
Friday night was really late. I think we went to bed at like 3, but I was up at 7! And fairly functional most of the day. Saturday we went to Costco and did shopping for Jason. Hung out with Mark 2 days while waiting for RISE testing. I'm never out this much. it was strange.
Sunday I tried to have class outside, but the computer got too hot in the sun. I only had 4 in class. Tuesday, just one. No one in gen pound and I haven't even bothered with Plyoga in a few weeks.
Yesterday was Buster's birthday.
J just walked in- she broke her ipad screen. There's a nice black rectangle on the screen. Looks like she banged an edge on something.

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