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May 26, 2020 - 12:33 pm

still trying

Today I broke down and went to the Chiropractor. $40- ugh. That was my birthday money from my MIL. I'm hoping that's what I needed. Hey maybe it will even fix my tailbone that STILL hurts when I sit for a while after I fell back in March...
Also dropped off my last girls' cookie rewards and then I've been cleaning out the filing cabinet and my binder of GS stuff and making sure that I have all the receipts scanned in.
I know, so exciting.
Got my setlist together for Pound last night. My shoulder was not happy- that's for sure. Been working on getting Plyoga together. First class tomorrow morning. Don't know if anyone will be on but I'm gonna give it a try! I want to do one run through today.

Coronavirus Cases: 5,646,280 (almost 2M more since 5/5)
ACTIVE CASES: 2,887,412 (666k more)
Recovered: 2,408,746 (1.4M more)
Deaths: 350,122 (93k more)

USA is of course still leading wtih 1.7 MILLION cases- over 100k dead

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