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December 16, 2021 - 9:26 am

I'm right on top of that rose!

Whoever decided to have kids off ALL next week clearly isn't a parent. It's less time to get everything done before they are home. I mean in a way it's better than last year because one was virtual until January and ALWAYS home. I spent M-W making cookies in between teaching classes, school drop off and pickups. It has been go go go go go ALLLLLLL week long.
I had 13 things on my to do list this morning.. I'm down to 7 but it's just non-stop craziness.
I got christmas cards ordered and mailed out. I have to find sprinkles so I can finish the last cookie. We did get the replacement part for the tree and the lights work again.. So all of those things make me feel better about the holidays. Shopping is ehhhhh. I did ok for the girls. Kinda hard when grandma comes along and buys EVERYTHING on their lists.
Managed to get to the chiropractor too and haven't had a headache all week. Saturday we had Holiday revel, which was a christmas craft making event. The younger girls had fun. I ran the table. Then we went mountain biking. Since they needed more people, I did it too. I think I was 9 or 10 the last time I really rode a bike. I did ok and it was fun. Then we had a party. The girls wanted to go along too, but then C wanted to leave so she got picked up. Lots of time on the phone with Clover but they finally shipped my card reader. Just trying to stay organized and get it all done.
Hard being matriarch. Men just show up and don't have to worry about any of the planning and preparing.
I have another party tonight for service team.
Looking forward to 2 weeks off of driving.
As of last Thursday, I was able to drive my new car.... and then on the same day Jay sold his car. Guy picked it up yesterday. Back to one car again- hopefully for only a couple of weeks.

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