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May 09, 2021 - 1:18 pm

Another trip around the sun

Halfway through the weekend and I’m ready for it to be over. Ungrateful selfish offspring who clearly don’t understand the purpose of this day.
Yesterday was fine. Better than last year. Enjoyed my time at the spa, but of course I had to make that happen.
Went swimming which was also fine.
Dinner was fine. I felt like parm so he picked me up chicken parm from oreganos for dinner. Opened a present that I already knew what it was and had a store ice cream/cake.
Then because I was tired, I went to sleep sometime before 8. And that was my birthday.
Today I finished one book and was trying to finish another. Stupid dog barking. Washed dishes, fed the dogs, made myself my typical breakfast. There was a balloon.
I’m sure I’ll eat my leftovers for dinner.
I got one crappy card that looks like it was done in 2 minutes because “I forgot it was Mother’s Day”
I don’t feel like class today. I could probably use the distraction but I’m not prepared
Friday and Thursday I cleaned mostly and did laundry so I wouldn’t have to do that and could enjoy my weekend. Told the girls they were responsible for their own rooms. They aren’t done yet. C has exams tomorrow. She hasn’t studied. J has to recite a poem she doesn’t know on Wednesday. But sitting in front of a screen is the only thing that means anything to them.

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