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May 03, 2021 - 10:06 am

ok May let's do this

On april 29th, I realized that due to my slacking off for about 6 weeks, I was going to lose my streak if I didn't get in some serious movement on the 30th- 414 mep's worth. My average class is usually 150-180 so 3 classes worth. So I practiced and practiced and practiced all day. Around 7:15pm I finally made it. Hot and sweaty and completely exhausted, I sat down to watch Mitchells vs the Machines. It turned out good from the screener we saw a couple of years ago. Saturday I was exhausted. We had SU lunch so I went early to setup. I finally FINALLY got Volunteer of Excellence! I was surprised and excited. Also won two raffles- $50 to alamo and a lotion/scrub set. Everybody got at least 2, some got 3 and I was happy with what I picked. Then I dropped off J at her friends came home and took a nap. Then picked her up and then went back to bed. Sunday I had to get ready for a meeting, then take C to a field trip for her meeting, then class (I only had 2) and then troop meeting (we had 11 girls out of 15), and then dinner. The week felt really long this week. I spent a lot of time working on the display boards for bridging. Probably 9 hours or so. I decided on the book and got those from amazon. I ordered my own birthday/mother's day presents- got a massage/facial booked for Saturday and I ordered the new myzone! J & I also went to Kohls and I got 2 new pairs of basketball shorts for house lounging. I'm gonna make him at least wrap them though- geez.
Fighting with the school about our pebt benefits. Again, they didn't provide the info in a timely manner so now we have to wait until 5/22 (at the earliest) to get our benefits. I've been holding off on a big food shopping trip waiting for that because it's going to be a decent amount.
Only had 2 in class again this morning. But 2 is better than 0!

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