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April 26, 2021 - 9:01 am

RIP Rudy

What a weekend. So full of emotions. I spent most of my friday cleaning, like my typical friday. I went to grab my phone to put on some tunes and I had a text. "Prayers for my dad. He's in hospice. Beth had her baby today." I mean WOAH. How does one process that. I started crying. Happy. Sad. Frustrated because I'm not there for either of those momentous events. And Saturday was more of the same. And then I found out Sunday morning that he passed on Saturday night. I'm grateful he's reunited with his 2 children and his wife, but I'm sad for the 3 children he's left behind and all of the grandchildren and the many many people who knew him.
I did some job hunting a few days this week, along with getting organized, errands. Feeling like I'm on top of things. Got my new Pound schedule posted, scheduled posts for every day this and last week. I had class yesterday. It was a bit of a disaster. Today was better. I had 5 people in class and I didn't mess up the choreo. Yesterday, 2 and man right off the bat, I blundered which snowballed.
Somehow on Friday while cooking dinner, the air fryer just stopped working. No idea.
It's also one of those weeks. 3 years ago was gen pound training, then the day I decided to give my notice. I honestly didn't think 3 years later, I'd still be unemployed, unmotivated, and so undecided on what to do. I am hard on myself but somebody has to be. All these books I read about motivation, self-love, keeping yourself open to possibilities and staying positive... I feel like I've tried every suggestion and nothing has changed.
The weekend itself was lame. Kids weren't home and I feel like I never see them. And when they are here, they are stuck in front of screens. I read 2 books (research for my gift) and I'm still not sure what one to go with. Trying to get things ready for bridging. It's going to come up quick- and I want to be prepared.
Getting up at 6am and starting my day with Pound felt good. I want to keep going until end of May at least and then see what the summer brings. I'd love to do more yoga practice too because I really haven't done much since December.

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