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June 16, 2020 - 11:24 am

trying to get back to "normal"

Tuesday I tried to have a gen pound class. No one logged in. So I did it with J. We also went to the library and picked up my hold book and J picked out a few books too. Then we watched a webinar on how to be a clothing buyer. It was interesting, I thought. Wednesday, woke up to the most heartbreaking scream. Moustacheo died. J was heartbroken. I had to dig a hole and we had a funeral. She cried most of the day. She thought it might be the plants that she had gotten from the pet store and was going to take them out. He would have been 3 in October and who knows how old he was before we got him. It was a really rough day. I didn't bother to do Plyoga and I didn't get an email that anyone was waiting. C had the 2nd half of her webinar. It was just a bad day all around.
Thursday, I tried to get her out of the house and her mind off things. We dropped off meeting kits, we went to walgreens and had a picture printed of him that she put in a frame. We went to As You Wish and picked up a gift card for Bryleigh. We went to Target and Old Navy and C got some shorts that actually fit her. Eff Target. That store just plain sucks. They don't have anything good in there anymore. Nothing appeals to me at all. They are over priced. Their dressing rooms aren't open.. The only reason I suggested it was because I was looking for Bang and Old Navy wasn't open for another 45 minutes. We also went into Petsmart and looked at fish and accessories.
Then we ended up getting a new fish later that day- Fidget is his name.
Friday... hmm. not sure. Picked up foods early.
Saturday made an apple strudel birthday party, which was just a bit strange.
Sunday, pound- just Jenny again :/ Troop meeting.

Coronavirus Cases: 8,196,961 (1M more in the last 8 days)
ACTIVE CASES: 3,480,655 (200k more)
Recovered: 4,273,013 (700k more)
Deaths: 443,293 (37k in the last 8 days)

USA is of course still leading with 2,195,428 cases- 118,741 deaths.
Arizona moved up to 18th

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