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June 08, 2020 - 3:23 pm

"normal" days

So the last two days have felt "normal". Today we went for a hike on south mountain. Mid-80's and absolutely beautiful this morning. Ran and picked up a couple of things at the store, came home, took care of the pool....
Yesterday, I had "class" (ok not normal to have class in my den)- just Jenny, but if I stop, I lose that feeling so even though I have no one I have to keep going. It's mostly my fault. I don't promote my classes, because I'm so overwhelmed with everything going on in the world. After, L came over to go swimming with the girls, then we dropped her off and let them hang out some more while J&I went food shopping, then picked them up, came home and cooked dinner. Then I was digging through pictures. I was looking for pictures of stuffed animals, which I found, but I don't have my underwater pictures. I looked in everything. They must have been left in my parents' house (with their vac pics) so they are long gone. I also moved the shelf into C's room. We watched some TV. It just felt "normal". No COVID. No protests...
Saturday I ran to the library and got C a book. Then we went to the pet store and J got some fish accessories. We even brought Buster with us. I got invited to a BBQ at becky's house. It was just 4-5 people going and I contemplated going for several hours before I finally said yes. So I was there from 4-8:30. Spent some time talking to Tiffany. It was nice. i brought brownies and I had also baked cookies.

Friday we went early for meals and then I cleaned cleaned cleaned. Got everything done! J helped with her room and C did hers. J also did the office for me. J blocked me and gave me a hug. And that was the end of our silence. It was all I needed.

Covid cases are going crazy. It's now from any exposure since Memorial day and when restrictions were loosened. Social distancing wasn't supposed to kill the virus, it was just supposed to weaken it enough so that hospitals could prepare for the number of cases coming in. Well I heard one hospital was maxed out-

Coronavirus Cases: 7,183,035 (almost 1.5M more since 5/26)
ACTIVE CASES: 3,268,664 (400k more)
Recovered: 3,506,356 (1.1M more)
Deaths: 408,015 (58k more)

USA is of course still leading with 2,024,967 cases- over 113k dead
Arizona has spiked to 20th highest state. We were around 26

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