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January 09, 2020 - 12:44 pm

fighting germs, but at least things are moving

The day is almost over and I don't have much to show for it, although I've been super busy all day. Just trying to get organized for Sunday's meeting and cookies and getting back into the GS swing of things and making sure I don't double or triple book myself!
Monday was cleaning day. I also wasn't feeling great (winter germs) so I was a bit slow moving. Got 7 rooms done before the girls got home. Then I did manage to finish up the living room and went to bed early.
Tuesday C had an ortho appt at 9:30 so dropped one off at school, went to walmart, ran home and almost didn't make it to the bathroom, and then an hour appt, dropped her off, ran my errands- goodwill, ups, bank, library and then went home and tried to put christmas away. I did try but head was pounding, stomach hurting... Went to bed by 7.
Wednesday- another chance! Got outside Christmas and everything inside packed up and put away and finished cleaning that room (yay #9). Started looking into HI rates as we are up for renewal. Seems like what we have is a good deal but it never hurts to shop around. Started cleaning the last room after the girls got home, but didn't quite finish. Then cooked dinner and off to ST meeting. I was waiting for the fireworks with all the drama that's been happening, but the one person who it revolves around didn't show. Then got a text about an hour after I got home saying that she quit.
I don't get it. So that will leave 3 of us after cookies for our Purple Sage ST. I volunteered to do the finances. I don't know what will happen in the fall- if I will decided to stay on with W Chandler or just be a troop leader.
Also got some good news yesterday- I got a Pound class at Desert Fitness starting Monday! I am not ready! I have to get on that!
I also applied for a US Census position. AND I finally got my presidential volunteer award
So yeah, I feel more positive right now. Like things are less stagnant.
Saturday (last weekend of break!) took the girls to Crayola, but made them take a Pound class first. C did pretty good. I appreciated her effort at least. We left at 8:30 and didn't get home until about 12:30.
Sunday we FINALLY got to see the Tumbleweed Tree and we went and took pictures. I wanted to do it before it came down (which I'm guessing was Monday). We also went to a cool house all decked out in Nightmare Before Christmas. Other than that, the weekend was boring and uneventful, because my children are lazy

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