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October 30, 2019 - 8:49 am

catch up- catch up

Well the camping trip went great... except for the fact that Cadence didn't go. She woke me up Friday morning at 4am throwing up. So she stayed home from school and we played it by ear to see how she was feeling and she was still throwing up and pooping so when the 2nd car left, she didn't go. She didn't go to school Monday either. I'm glad that she stayed home because she would have had a horrible time, and I'm glad she got sick before we left instead of it happening while we were there, but everyone missed her, that's for sure. So it was just 4 cadettes- Joz, Lauren, Val, Sofie and Kiana. Besides from it being really cold when the sun went down and super windy on Sunday morning, things went well. Had to kick start a few girls to pitch in but other than that... I only forgot my own turkey dogs. I was well prepared and am so glad that it's over because last week I was a giant stress ball.
The Girl Scout pound class went well. I enjoyed working with the girls. Amplify is this Sunday. I got the setlist and I know 3.5 out of 7 songs but I just haven't had a moment to practice. I have a bunch on my to-do list today that I'm hoping to get done. Sunday, we got back about 3:45 and I had a troop meeting at 4:30. By 7:30pm, I crashed. I was so tired Monday. I took a 3 hour mid-day nap, we went out to dinner for our anniversary to Angry Crab and then I fell asleep by 7pm.
I pretty much lost the entire day!
We did start x3 bar on Monday along with intermittent fasting. I'm doing 18 hours so I eat between 1-7pm.
Yesterday I got my girl scout stuff organized but that was pretty much it. I also had a dentist appt so that threw off my day too.
I have no idea how I'd get anything done if I had to work 40 hours. I'm struggling so much as it is. The house looks disgusting and it hasn't even been 2 weeks yet.
That will be Friday's project since Saturday I am taking Jade to a journey in a day and then Sunday is Amplify, and there goes my weekend.

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