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October 10, 2019 - 9:36 am

9 days in NJ

Lets see if I can remember anything between 9/23 and 9/28. All I know is that week was chaos and I was super stressed. Teacher conferences, report cards, helped with Jade's class party. Cadence's birthday. I picked her up a couple of things at walmart (clothes, scrunchies, card game). We went to Chili's and had baskin robbins ice cream cake. The 27th was lots of house cleaning plus getting ready for rally. It went well. There were about 40 girls. We had a few hiccups, like our location getting moved, and Alexia, my face painter, freaking out and leaving so I was doing faces for probably 20 minutes.

Back from NJ.... it was long, disappointing, but certainly made me appreciate the life we have in AZ.
Sunday we powered through the overnight flight. Hung out with the family. Monday we decided to go to Philly- went to the Franklin institute, walked up the Art museum steps and did the Rocky thing. Tuesday we went to the outlets with Judy and got lunch at Friendly's; Went for a quick ride to Seaside. Wednesday we drove to DC and saw a lot on the national mall. Thursday we drove up north and I got to see the office, and then we spent some time with Ruben and Kevin. Friday, John had Rayne so we spent the morning playing games, then went out to lunch and then everyone sat in front of the TV. Saturday was our party day. Brooke came down about 12, left by 2. Heard from no one else so went to Red Bank to Jay & Silent Bob's Secret Stash, drove back about 5:30. Michelle Bouquio came over, Dave, and L Train.... that was it. They hung out until about 1am.
Sunday, more sitting around. We were supposed to go to great adventure but Jay didn't want to go so I took a nap. We went to Seaside late to get Jade a sweatshirt, walked on the boardwalk but didn't do any rides because the lady said that it was only good for 4 rides total, Were going to do mini golf but walked out at 5:05 and they closed at 5. Monday did laundry and sat around until noon and then the long drive to the airport.
Got back monday night. Tuesday the girls had Dr appts and I spent the morning paying bills, organizing papers, emails, etc. I actually went for a run! Wednesday, I pulled weeds, put up halloween, went food shopping and costco.
Today I have girl scout stuff to do plus clean the pool and the hot tub and then I have to go practice this stupid song for Pound for Pink. I don't even want to go at this point. I am so annoyed and frustrated with Pound- still not paid yet, still no update regarding my car being hit at Lifetime, no classes scheduled.... I just give up with it. Obviously it isn't working out.

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