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September 23, 2019 - 10:15 am

still waiting!

I'm really starting to get angry about not being paid for the month of July. This is ridiculous.
Eye Dr was all good wednesday, then leader meeting. Doesn't seem like anyone wants to do fall product or even go to the rally. It's frustrating. Friday I headed up to Payson for training weekend. Got there just before 5, as scheduled. No issues. Annoyed that I didn't end up in a cabin with heat or electricity though. Friday night I was just cold and uncomfortable and didn't sleep well. But our Wilderness First Aid training was a lot of fun with our group of 7 and we were busy most of the time. Saturday night, Jessica ended up leaving early so she left me her sleeping bag. I was much warmer doubled up. We finished class by noon and then the drive home. Got home just before 2, unpacked, laundry and then troop meeting at 4:30. I had a woman come and do self defense for the Cadettes- of course only 3 decided to show up. Jay took Jade on a pets field trip with the Brownies. I don't think much education went on though, which frustrates me but is out of my control.
Now it's finish up rally, pack, clean, Cadence's birthday, class parties, teacher conferences...
Gonna be a busy week!

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