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September 18, 2019 - 12:28 pm

hit and run

Still waiting on that check... did get both my TD checks. Called Barb finally.
Tuesday night I decided to go to Danielle's class at lifetime. I put car on Sentry mode as usually, 6 events didn't think anything of it. Went to take the girls to school on Wednesday and Jay comes in screaming that somebody hit my car. Sure enough, the drivers front fender was rubbed- PPF saved the paint and it can probably be buffed out... so Wednesday was call the tempe police and file a police report, call lifetime and get in contact with the manager. Watch the videos of the idiot who clearly didn't know how to pull into a parking spot.
The rest of the week was less exciting. Friday I did the cleaning- got everything done- girls helped in their mess of a room.
Saturday we went to a movie of a new movie coming out that's not finished yet. I"m not allowed to talk about it though- signed a confidentiality agreement. It was pretty funny though. We all enjoyed it.
Sunday I cleaned the pool, girls went swimming. Watched Toy Story 4, which I really disliked. They should have left it at 3. I didn't like the characters. Bo's timeline didn't make any sense. It was just unnecessary and didn't really go anywhere.
Monday got an alignment. Yesterday Jay and C went to the dentist- no cavities. Then I had gotten free tickets to a Coyotes game so we drove all the way to Glendale. They are terrible! But it is preseason. I miss the Devils from early 00's when they were awesome.
Gotta leave in a few for the eye dr.
It's going to be a crazy few weeks- almost fall break!

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