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September 10, 2019 - 10:14 am

nothing exciting

Last week I spent a lot of time on rally stuff. The movie was good. Had a service team meeting Wednesday night. Thursday I actually decided to pick up my Ripstix and practice. It's been over a month. Friday was watched the Addams family movie. Saturday was Volunteer Conference. I picked up Vicky at 8 and we got home about 4. Ended up with a migraine and went to bed at 7. Sunday we went to breakfast and then pool cleaning day and swimming, then prepping for the meeting, laundry, all the fun stuff.
Yesterday I spent the day on Girl Scout stuff. I'm so busy with stuff. Today Jade had her poem- she did good. I still haven't called barbara back.
Finally did get gerard on the phone- hopefully will have my check by the end of next week.

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