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September 03, 2019 - 9:55 am

bronchitis or pneumonia?

Monday was grocery day
Tuesday was Troop day. Cadence had her eye dr appt. 20/70. Went to costco to look at glasses but they don't take any health insurance. Came home to research who does- Nationwide vision
Wednesday was rally day. Picked up the girls and then went to look at glasses. Jay didn't come. It was chaos and frustrating. Spent an hour trying on frames until she found one that everyone decided looked ok and wasn't too big.
Wednesday night I started feeling AWFUL- fever, chills.... I went to bed early
Thursday I still felt terrible. Worked on the hike flyer. Did a little bit of cleaning (2 bathrooms and the kitchen). Her glasses came in! They said 10 business days. Picked those up and ran to the library.
Friday I made the girls help me and we finished the house. Well, mostly Jade.
Saturday I cleaned the pool and the hot tub. Still felt terrible so I spent the day reading. Avery came over and he and Jay worked on putting my springs and brake calipers on the car. Took ALL day. I was bleeding the brakes at 8pm. Kent also stopped by- He was down from S. Dakota getting his car tuned.
We watched Ladybugs.
Sunday I finished the book I was reading.
Yesterday we went to the movies and saw Dora and the Lost City. It was funny. We all enjoyed it. $5 movies. Bought tickets for tonight to see hobbs & shaw. Cleaned the pool and the hot tub in the morning and jade went swimming. Worked on camping planning stuff.
For a 4 day weekend, it wasn't fun. I still feel sick- dry, unproductive cough, but definitely fluid in my lungs so I'm thinking bronchitis for pneumonia.
Today I'm trying to be productive. I need to move more. My step count was 30k for the week last week.
So far this morning I made Cadence's well visit, trimmed the tree in the front, swept up leaves, updated here, balanced the troop bank account, updated my volunteer hours and mileage.
Still have to do Jay's books, call Gerard again, call Barbara....

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