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August 19, 2019 - 11:28 am

no classes on the horizon :(

Well Paige kinda screwed me over. I showed up for class on Thursday and about 10 minutes before start, another instructor shows up. She asked her to sub after me and gave her both the Thursday and Saturday classes. Kinda annoyed.
First week in I can't remember that I didn't teach one class and I have NOTHING scheduled at all.
Friday I got the house clean and we actually went out to dinner- it's been quite a while. I did some work for Jay this week too- cleaning the garage, powder coating.
Saturday I cleaned the pool, picked up poop, finished the book I was reading, watched secret life of pets 2, which was so funny.
Sunday I was a useless blob with a horrible migraine and nausea.
I dropped Cadence off for a CSA event at flowrider, cooked dinner and then picked her up.
Today- trying to organize bills. Top Notch paid me $30, not $35. I don't get it.
I got paid from TD for July. Still waiting on Xplore. Still have more TD work to do
Today is our 17 year day we met anniversary.
I have to get some troop meeting planning going this week too.

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