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April 05, 2019 - 11:34 am

it's been a while

Wow almost an entire month huh? I knew it was a few weeks because all of my fridays have been insane lately.
Work is work. I still don't like it any more. I'm exhausted.
This past week I had an interview with Gold's Gym. Eos had emailed me last week to come in for an audition (with a 4 hour notice in the middle of the day), but when I said I couldn't make it, I didn't hear anything further from them.
I'm fighting with StaFit about a class they didn't pay me for. They cancelled ALL of their group fitness classes.
Didn't make it to the ostrich festival- disappointing
Got our taxes done- yay
Last friday I went for a massage. I left feeling just as tight as I went in. She told me that she couldn't get all the knots out, but I really didn't feel any better at all, which put me in a funk the rest of the day and the weekend. Got the house cleaned but didn't really do anything else.
3/24 Jay and I went hiking to Fat Man's pass. It was a little warm and we got a late start, but it was nice to get out. That troop meeting was me leading the 4 daisies that showed up and the big girls helping- and practicing some knots. I just didn't have time to plan a meeting for them.
Spring break was boring. The girls spent the entire time on the couch. We did go and do pottery one day and we played with Legos. First day of spring we went to the Rita's over in Gilbert. It was ok- I miss the one that was in Tempe
3/16 we stayed up late. I had made the girls clean 2 rooms per day during the week so by the time I got to Friday most of the cleaning was done.
And on the 26th Jay picked up another P3D. It's been out for tint and PPF all week so I haven't had a chance to drive it.
This morning i went and got my crown put in, dropped off a library book, went to the council shop, paid bills, and had sushi lunch with Jay.
Got his books done for March. Still need to do the troop bank account, log some hours and mileage and plan Sunday's meeting. It never ends and I've about given up

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