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March 08, 2019 - 10:12 am

my first day off

First day of Spring break. Ended up covering V's class this morning so an extra $20 for me- yay! Cancelled my endo appt because I just didn't see a point in going. Student conferences this afternoon- hopefully a haircut. Ostrich festival at some point this weekend. Trying to get some random stuff taken care of today, as usual. Jade had her well visit today- Jay took her so I could teach. He's the absolute best, have I mentioned that lately? Plugged my car in last night when I passed out at 8:30 after working 2 jobs. Wednesday I took the day off to chaperone Jade's field trip to the Children's Museum. It was wrangling all day long pretty much. Then I ran to the bank and the store to get items for donations to the food bank. Then we dropped off all the cookies- HOORAY and then class at Stafit. Monday I left early to go to the dentist to do the impression for my crown so I left at 2, but still got home at 5.
Sunday we slept LATE- like 11 (but we didn't go to bed until about 5am).Hung out all day. Troop meeting- big girls cooking and then I took the small ones to the park to do their take action project.
Still don't like my job. The last week and a half, I switched roles with Missie so I'm entering orders and she's doing calls. Suzy is on vacation starting Thursday so I'll probably stick with the orders and she'll handle the quotes. I told Laura to mention to Guy that I'd consider coming back but under the right terms/circumstances. I have to say I love not having to check email or worry about work when I am not there. I can take a day off and enjoy it. There is no expectation to check in. But Tuesday I clocked in 30 seconds early and was reprimanded. Seriously? I do not appreciate being micromanaged AT ALL!

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