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February 15, 2019 - 8:17 am

100 days of smashpass

12 hours of cookie booths last weekend. I was exhausted. Didn't leave time for much else. Did the boxtops. Jade had a bday party Saturday that I dropped her off at between parties.
Work all week was bleh- Sales are down pretty low so everyone is in a bad mood and panicking. Tuesday Jay was working on the honda so I had to cook dinner. Wednesday we had Cadence's National Junior Honor Society induction ceremony and then we ended up eating smashburger for dinner. Yesterday was the last day for smashpass! We made all 100 days and still have rewards dollars to use. It was also valentines day and pound class. I had 2 (valerie was late and didn't make it in time). It was also Valentines day and tacos for dinner were waiting for me when I got home.
Today we got the girls to school and jay dropped me off at home so he could go to the gym. I have to run some errands and then I'm helping at the school party this morning. Half day/3 day weekend so that means I won't have anything cleaned by the time the girls get home from school, but I only have 2 hours of booths all weekend so hopefully tomorrow I can get everything done (or even this afternoon if everyone pitches in a little)
Troop meeting on Sunday. I'm tired today. We didn't go to bed until 11 and up at 6. I need to get in some extra hours this weekend or I'll never make it through next week.

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