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February 08, 2019 - 9:40 am

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I made it through the week! Wednesday we had a smashburger booth so I ran home, got everything and off to smash. It was COLD outside. At 7 we packed it up and sat down to eat dinner. Got home a little before 8, got the girls in bed, sorted the cookies, did the dishes, packed my clothes and lunch and went to bed at 9:30. Thursday I went from work straight to Desert. I got there at 5:10-5:15 so I had time to settle in. I had 3 people in class! Then I stayed for Tiffany's Strong by Zumba and got home at 8:10pm, just in time to say goodnight to the girls. That sucked. Work has been SLOW this week.Kyle is back on Monday so he'll probably be in rare form because we didn't get many sales, but hopefully I'll be busy because I'll have people to follow up with.
Today I slept in until 6:30! Made the bed, helped make lunches, took the girls to school. Did a 1 day trial at Vasa so I could work out with Jay.
Home for breakfast, some laundry and vacuuming... got some errands to run. Then it's booth, booth booth this weekend.
I'm going to try and do my updates on Fridays. It's so hard during the week

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