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February 05, 2019 - 7:02 pm

cookies still a mess and 10 hour days suck

The cookie nightmare continues. We didn't really figure out Vicky or Ashley's cookies- they just sort of agreed what I said and I fixed the numbers. Fast forward to this week's meeting/return day... and somehow I'm now short 2 boxes so someone didn't give me as many as I wrote down. I'm 99% positive it was Ashley. I'm so over these cookies. No one has sold much at all.
Today is day 2 of 10 hour days. I'm cranky and tired. Yesterday Dominic called me and told me they are cancelling my Tuesday class, but are hoping to move me to Saturday... still waiting on confirmation. Paige gave the Sunday class to someone who can do it every week, so I messaged her to try see if she has anything else at this point. I haven't put in much time to learning choreo or planning setlists. I just don't have the time.
This past weekend, I did:
6 hours of cookie booths
4 loads of laundry
2 washed dogs
1 cleaned house (Jay did 1 room)
2 weeks of meals planned and grocery shopping done
1 trip to the movies
8 Birds dropped off at 5am
2 trips to the cookie cupboard
1 troop bank account balanced after 2 weeks of cookie sales
1 troop meeting executed with only 7/18 girls in attendance
2 total hours of TV watched
Lego Move 2 was awesome. Cadence stayed home because she said she wasn't feeling well on Friday night so Jay told her to take medicine but she refused, as usual. He yelled at her and left her home. It sucks but can't cry wolf all the time and need to follow through, ya know.
She had her orthodontist appt today. No braces yet- probably at the next appt 6 months from now.

The work week was long and uneventful. Just trying to stay on top of things, but it's so damn hard

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