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January 26, 2019 - 6:34 am

long update

So it's been a while, I know. January has been a giant blur... just like most of my 30's.
Going back to the week of the 7th. Tuesday was Pound at BR- it was great to be back! Wednesday I had my leader's meeting and I jetted out of there promptly by 8:15. Also found out that the old owners of Buono's pizza bought it after it went out of business and reopened it! Erik stopped by with a small pie and it tasted delicious.
Thursday I had class at Desert. I had a few people in class. It was a good one.
Friday half day. Dropped off the blankets the girls donated. Then my car didn't want to go into drive for about 5 minutes. Finally made it home, ate quickly and off for my test! PASSED! And finished in about an hour. There were some questions I had absolutely no idea about, but not enough for me to fail. Got the girls from school, then picked up stephanie from her hotel in scottsdale. Brought her down here for a bit and hung out, then decided on Lolo's for dinner in scottsdale back towards her hotel, then we just walked around the mall for a little while to prevent food comas. Dropped her off around 8 and then back home. It was great to catch up with her.
Can't remember what we did over the weekend. I bet the girls sat on the couch the whole time. We might have gone to the mall for some shoes and bought a mattress. Sunday I had class at that park and two people actually showed up!
Monday the 14th- back to work bull... Tuesday class. Jay came and it was just us and Kiva. Still a great class. Wednesday I subbed for Tiffany in N Mesa and that was a great class. Thursday, I had 3 people in class- one another pro. Amazing class. Thursday I took the loaner to work and Jay washed my car for me because he is the BEST.
Friday was cleaning day. I got 6 or 7 rooms done before the girls got home and we got the whole house (except for the fridge) cleaned Friday night... the fridge still isn't cleaned.
Saturday morning was cookie pickup day! Also the 19th anniversary of the boland hall fire.
Didn't get home until about 12. I had to drive the CRV to pick up cookies. First time I drove an ICE car since MARCH!!! OMG I almost died! Then started pulling the orders for the girls in the troop to make distribution easier on Sunday. Tried to get stuff together for a troop meeting.
Then on the last free night before cookie season, we ate tacos for dinner and ate some mints. Went for a walk, had a fire, went for a walk to get a bird. Rode it back and froze my ass off. Sat by the fire. Watched a little TV and to bed by 2. Sunday we watched spirit with the girls. I also finished my book, which was overdue by 2 days and returned it when we went to smashburger. Got myself organized for the troop meeting.The meeting went well- I got to focus on the cadettes and their marketing badge. Jay said he was going to help with cookies but he got busy helping the neighbors so after the meeting I was scrambling to make dinner and then eat and was feeling overwhelmed. Then I started entering in cookie receipts and my counts were off. -2 dosidos, +2 samoas, +6 lemon +6 tagalongs.... so i frantically texted everyone to check their cookies. Not everyone got back to me but was hoping they would first thing in the morning... nope..... I didn't have counts until Wednesday and by then people sold cookies! I got the lemons and dosidos resolved but still haven't figured out the other two and it's been a week! It's between Kiana and Brayleigh/Kambryee. I am making them both come here this morning so that we can figure this shit out.
Monday was MLK day so the girls were off and Jay took them around to a few shops to sell some cookies. None of our friends have bought or offered. Because we won't ship them for free. So frustrating. We took Jade out tuesday and wednesday door to door and that put their total for 3 days at 70 boxes. Thursday I had 5:30 class and jay was too tired to take them out so no sales there. On day 6, they are at 250 combined and that's only because we were at walmart from 4-8 yesterday!
Yesterday, I wanted to come home from work and take a nap to ramp up for this weekend. Instead Jay made breakfast and I did some cleaning up- dishes, laundry- bill paying- straightening up the desk and papers- updating the girl scout records because I didn't get to do that Sunday because I was playing with cookies- cleaning my sticks... the stupid bullshit chores that don't take long but start to pile up. So no nap. Then we had to get more cookies (just 5 cases) and get the girls. Then load up the car and off to walmart. We did alright - 179 in 4 hours.
Today I have Vicky coming to figure out her cookies. Then I have a booth 10-12. Then I'm going to have Ashley follow me back to get hers straightened out. Then Lily's mom Briana is coming by for some more cookies. Then I have to take Jade to a birthday party at 1:30 and then be back for a 4 PM booth! My Highlight for today is to get the dang cookies reconciled.
Tomorrow, we have a booth from 10-1. I'm also trying to plan cookies for 7 hours of booths.
Tomorrow's highlight is going to be to plan troop meetings.
This week is my last 4-9's with a half day friday. Starting in February, we are switching to 4 10's. I am NOT happy about it at all. My hours are going to be 6-4:30. On Thursdays that is going to be a LONG day. I'm trying to keep it positive and now I can sleep a little later on Fridays and take the girls to school, which I miss.

So as you can tell, I've had a pretty good reason for not updating in a while. I am only one person!

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