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January 07, 2019 - 9:12 pm

1 week of 2019 gone already- new thursday class, test day fast approaching

An entire week of 2019 is over already. For a 3 day week last week, it was a long one- including a 6 hour friday, which sucked! Then I was hoping to get home to a clean house and all of Christmas put away.... NOT!
It was started but i was pretty disappointed in the progress. We got all of Christmas put away and 7 rooms cleaned before we called it a night. Saturday I did the bathroom, most of the kitchen and the office. Also got to go hiking. Drove to the west side of south mountain to Dobbins lookout and hiked down the mountain and back up. Cadence looked like she was going to die. She was horribly out of breath and sweating. That girl needs to exercise. It upsets me that she doesn't care about her body at all (like showering, wearing deodorant, exercising, eating healthy).
I got my troop meeting prepped, I did Jay's books, paid bills, all the other house stuff. I also finished cleaning on Sunday. The only things I didn't do over the weekend were study and wash the car.
My new Thursday pound class at Desert was empty but I rocked out hard by myself. Wanted to get used to the new room and the stage and it had been a few weeks since I had a class since BR was closed the last two tuesdays. Then I ran to the church where 3 of the girls were getting in their last babysitter requirement. Needless to say, I was tired.

Today felt like it should have been Wednesday already. The day was long and boring. I then went to Donna's to get the girls. She took them home so they could get their board together for the United Tastes of America event this Saturday. Then we ran to the library so cadence could get a different book for her book report. It was after 5 when we got home and Jay says "I don't want to cook meatloaf" so I cooked dinner. And cleaned up. And cleaned up diarrhea dog poop in the office. And helped Jade read a chapter in her book for her book report. And checked homework. And took a practice exam for my afaa test (I got a 97%). I studied on lunch a bit too. I tried to talk to Jay when I got home to ask him about his day and all of that but he was being short with me so I just shook my head and walked away. I don't have time for that nonsense.
I started reading a new book called Make Time. The premise is to make one thing the important focus of each day and there are different tactics to try and accomplish it. So that's what I'm trying to do. Yes I still have my never ending to-do list, but if I take one item and make it my goal each day, I can make time for more things in my life. I'm trying. I will be glad when this test is over, but now we are entering cookie season and I feel like my head is exploding. I really just don't want to work anymore. I really don't like this job either. I only am getting paid for 4 days on my next paycheck since I wasn't eligible for the shutdown days or Christmas. I did get paid from Paige for the 3 sunday pound classes and I got my last TD paycheck so that at least helps a little bit, but making sure all the bills get paid in February is going to be rough!
Tomorrow I'm at BR, then a leader meeting wednesday, Thursday is Desert and Friday is my test and Stephanie is coming into town so we are going to get together. I need to just keep my focus on the test and then hopefully a celebratory evening. Those should carry me through the week quickly.
Jay has been in the bedroom for the last hour and a half. I was out here taking my practice test and doing some studying. But now I have to get my lunch together and get ready for bed so I can do it all over again.

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