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December 22, 2018 - 4:49 pm

work is still boring, christmas is almost here and I have slacked off with the updates!

so it's been a few weeks... work is still meh. It's just boring and not what I want to do.
Christmas is 3 days away already. Today we cleaned. Yesterday was the girls' school parties so i got to hang out for a bit and then we came home and I took a NAP. Work this week was non exciting. Jay did spend lunch with me on Thursday. Pound on tuesday was just Kiva and I. Otherwise, it was quiet for a change and homework was review. Cadence ended up with a 79 in science so she missed honor roll by 1 point. She got an 80 on her poem and a B in reading. Jade got all A's.
Last weekend was Baking, Isabel's birthday party, a pound class that I couldn't find and no one showed up to and then cleaning the kitchen (from all the baking). My Friday free time was not free because there was the company Christmas party that was pretty much required. It was ok but I would have rather been shopping or baking or just getting things done. I got a cash bonus, surprisingly! I haven't seen one of those in 11+ years. I did a quick 20 minute target run before I got the girls and got their stocking stuff picked out. And then Saturday night I was up until 12:30 wrapping. Everything that was in the house got wrapped. A few more items have shown up since then, but not too many. Evenings were packed last week. Stuffed with love on Thursday, Setup on Wednesday and then the leader holiday party, Tuesday was pound ( I had 4 in class) Monday was the only night I was home and I think I still ran out and did things.
That takes me back to the prior weekend 8th and 9th. Sunday was a troop meeting at Legoland for the daisies. Jay did my stuffed animal sorting for me. The morning was non-productive. The girls spent saturday at donna's at a christmas sleepover so we spent 'quality time' together. We walked to Guadalupe and picked up scooters and rode them home. Took ALL my concentration not to fall off. Earlier in the day, I took 5 cadettes to a workshop to earn their animal helpers badges. Since the loaner has the jumpseat, we threw lauren in the back. And managed to get the house cleaned!
Friday we had to take the dogs to the vet at 1 so I only had gotten like 2 rooms cleaned and then called it quits. Thursday was Cadence's winter concert. Tuesday the girls had a dentist appointment.

I'm now off until the 2nd. I'm going to try and catch up on everything that has fallen by the wayside and get my TD work done so I can get paid, since I don't get paid for next week. Also need to get some serious studying in... and have fun and spend time with the family.
Besides cleaning, I got some bills in order and just trying to figure things out. This pay cut is decent so I just need to be smart about it. If I can pick up some pound classes this week, capture some birds and do my TD work, hopefully I can make up for the lost salary for this week of December.

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