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November 05, 2018 - 8:41 am

It's now November, not sure how that happened

Last week i had a phone interview with Splash. They got back to me 2 days later and said no. Whatever, their loss- the pay was garbage anyway. I had a 2nd in person interview at zippertubing with a panel of 6 people. I think it went well. We shall see what happens.
Monday was the only night I didn't have something going on. Tuesday was pound. Wednesday was Halloween. We went by Jason's for a bit and then our neighborhood. Thursday I had to go to a church with 4 of the girls so they could finish their babysitter badge. I really didn't need to be there though! Friday was a service team meeting but I really wasn't feeling great all day. I got a lot of the cleaning done, but my stomach was hurting. So I stayed home and watched a league of their own and went to bed early. Saturday my truck of nuts & candy arrived at 7:15am and I had some pickups before I had to go to Pound. Still not feeling great and no one in class. Then I hung around most of the day waiting for people to get their orders. Ran out and went food shopping, meal planned and finished cleaning (except for the playroom), and then some more pickups after dinner. Yesterday I was supposed to go to cookie conference but I still didn't feel great so just kinda lounged out most of the day, did some of the playroom- not a great job but decent. Dropped the girls off at donna's so they could make snowmen for the holiday bazaar and then ran to supercharge our tesla loaner. Picked them up, home more nut pickups and then dinner.
I have one troop left and 4 of my girls need to pick up. We are going to make our deliveries today too hopefully.
My stomach seems to be a little better this morning but I'm battling a headache. No interviews lined up this week. I really need to get some TD work done, among other things. It looks like a quiet week, event-wise. Tomorrow is election day for senate/house/governor. Excited to have the political signs come down! I already mailed my ballot in.

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