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October 24, 2018 - 10:52 am

not much of an update

Friday I spent most of the day cleaning and then when the girls got home from school, I made them help me finish the cleaning so there was nothing to do on the weekend (you know, so we could do something fun). CVS called me and told me that I wasn't qualified for the job. HA!
Saturday I was up and off to class. I had 3 people in class and then I came home. Jay had to go to avondale so i went with him in hopes to sell more nuts & candy (I didn't) but Joe bought lunch. Then he was bird hunting on the way home.... 3 hours we were gone.The girls didn't get out of their pj's. We watched cars 3 and meatballs 2. Sunday we did more of nothing. Jay kept popping in and out all day and we didn't do anything. Again the girls, didn't get out of their pajamas. We had run out to pick up a few items at the grocery store, ran into Andre, and watched despicable me 3 after dinner.
Monday back to school. Sunday was supposed to be the last day of fall sales, but their system crashed because everyone waited until the last minute to get their orders in so they extended parents until Monday, leaders until Tuesday. Monday I finally got some studying done (about 2 hours) and I had my interview at 4 with Tivity. I don't know... We also ran out to 4 dollar trees looking for supplies for my troop meeting next week. After my interview, I was doing some job hunting/saving/applying and then I just did not feel like cooking dinner so we picked up chinese and the girls ate cereal (their choice, I'm not an awful mom!)
Yesterday was the day from hell. Grandma Peaches got me on the phone for an hour and 40 minutes smack in the middle of the day, threw me off guard. We had gone to ihop for breakfast and then when I got home I spent a few hours managing these orders trying to figure out the best way to enter them... And then it was time to pick up the girls! I didn't even have my setlist together so I did that when we got back and learned a new song all before class at 6:30. I still had leaders & parents calling and texting me about orders until 8pm.
Today I was hoping that I wouldn't have to deal with nuts, but my troop order is still messed up and after a phone call to QSP, found out that our council didn't have the correct time reflected so that is why orders aren't showing up!
Then I spent up until now (almost 3 hours), getting everything ready for sunday's meeting, clearing shit off my desk, paying bills, organizing paperwork...
But I wanted to update while I was sitting here. There's not much of an update so to speak.
I should do some TD work, but I really want to get some studying in. I should also apply for at least a couple of jobs. I have quite a few saved.
It is official that my Wednesday class I just got is cancelled. I hope I get paid for the two I went to!

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