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October 18, 2018 - 2:39 pm

week 14, the most boring fall break on record, and total frustration

Last week was a week with 0 interviews... zip, zilch, nada. I did take the leap and sign up for my AFAA self-study! I could have taken the money I got from my Amplify refund and used it to pay towards my credit card but decided to better my future instead.
I taught 2 classes Tuesday as I subbed at a 55+ mobile community. Wednesday I started my new class at a condo complex. No one came so I just rocked out by myself. We wanted to do something on Thursday but it was rainy so we went to the zoo. We spent like 3 hours there. It was an ok day but I really wanted to go on an adventure to someplace new and fun. I did take the girls to the park one day too, but really their entire break they spent inside in front of the tv... two weeks of nothing. It frustrated me so much and then no interviews...
Friday I don't remember at all. Saturday I had class at Sta-Fit. Again, no one came. But it was raining. Cadence had a sleepover birthday party so we dropped her off there and then jay and I stayed up really really late. I did get 23,096 steps though!
Sunday, 6 of the cadettes went to a babysitter certification class from 9-3:30 so we just hung out all day. Jay slept until 11. I was watching a movie with Jade. It was a very chill day. Then we went to pick up the girls and they stayed until after the troop meeting ended at 6. I think I was in bed by 8- I was so tired.
Monday back to school. We went for a lunchtime walk and I spent 3 hours doing girl scout recap/troop management crap. My entire morning!
Tuesday I went with Jay up to Avondale and then to Switch. We had smashburger for lunch and then it was pretty much time to get the girls. I applied to a couple of jobs. I got no studying done. I did learn one new pound song. I had a new person in class so it was her and Jay. My regulars are out of town for 2 weeks.
Wednesday, I did some applying. I had an interview at 9 and then I spent an hour replying to an email- an hour! But i was trying to craft the best response. I made dinner and then off to Pound. No one was in class so I left after 20-25 minutes and then I went to the leader's meeting. I didn't get home until 9. On my way home, I found out that they are cancelling all the classes at that location so the class I just got 2 weeks ago, I'm not going to have :(
Last night we went Bird hunting. Birds are these electric scooters you can rent. We got approved to be chargers so we get paid $5-$20 per scooter. We came home with 5 and Jay released them before 7am. I got up around 4 and checked the chargers to make sure they were all 100%
Today I took the girls to school and then spent the morning doing I don't even know what! It took me probably an hour and a half to fill out my election ballot. I did apply for a few jobs, random girl scout nonsense. I picked up burritos on the way home.... time goes by so fast when the girls aren't here.
I had a 2nd in person interview at CVS. It just doesn't pay enough.
I heard back from Tivity today and they want to setup another phone interview. I'm kind of excited about that.
I didn't even crack open my textbook today (figuratively speaking- it's electronic).
The girls should be home any minute and then it will be homework and bird catching and cooking dinner and the list goes on.
Tomorrow is cleaning day. No weekend plans besides Saturday's class.

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