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October 08, 2018 - 8:37 am

and now begins week 13

I realize it's been almost 3 weeks since I last updated. I had started to at one point, but was interrupted and I think I just closed the window,unfinished.
It's already a week into october. I ended up having an HR screen on the 21st for CVS for a crappy AR/Collections job. So at least I finished out the week with 1 interview (sorta).
Cadence had her dodgeball tournament on the 21st. They lost and it was over within an hour, which was nice.
The 22nd we had her birthday party sleepover. Lauren, Alexia, Julie, Coco, Cadence & Jade. We had tacos, cake, presents, swimming and a movie. It was pretty low-key but she had a good time. Sunday she slept most of the day. I picked up fabric and redid jade's desk chair for $3.
I don't think much happened Monday or Tuesday. Wednesday, we dropped the girls off at school and then picked up Judy at the airport. I made Cadence's cake. I had my last gen pound class and then Chili's was her pick for dinner. Since she didn't tell me what she wanted I drew an eyeball, a donut and a no sign and wrapped them up in a box. Her reaction was priceless. Grandma got her an ipad. Aunt dee got her a keyboard case. She got some money and a stuffed animal.
Thursday they had 1/2 a day so I took them to the outlets and we went clothes shopping. She got 2 pairs of pants, 4 shirts, 2 dresses and a pair of tights. Friday were teacher conferences. If she didn't get a 0 on her poem, she would have made honor roll. I spoke to her teacher to make sure she understand that she needs to be a person she can talk to- that's super important and crying in school shouldn't be. While we did conferences, Judy took the girls to the book fair.
Saturday Cadence went to badge bonanza with Alexia and Joz . I went to work and Jay took Jade to a birthday party. I met them there after and we didn't leave until 3!
I can guarantee we did nothing last sunday, just like every other day that Judy was here.... along with the entire week.
I taught Tuesdsay, Wednesday and Saturday. Friday we went to McMahon's for ice cream. Thursday we went to Chompies. We did go to walmart & target and the library. Thursday I took the girls to the park (and ginger). Other than that, it was an uneventful week. I had an in person interview on Thursday at CVS. I also had a phone interview but the pay was too low so we cut it short. Not that CVS's pay is great. Cadence had her well visit on Tuesday and Jade got her flu shot. Buncha crybabies!
Got an update from BW that there is no update yet :eyeroll:
I was able to pay my car payment but I had to use Jay's money to pay the mortgage this month. I am starting to get depressed. Not even discouraged, but "don't want to get out of bed' depressed. I'm struggling to find purpose and meaning. I know I make the right choice. I know it! But why has it been so hard to find something new? Why is it taking so long? Why can't someone see how amazing I am?

I need to get some serious TD work done this week so I can collect a paycheck. I don't want to put this burden on Jay. It's not fair to him and he's sick of hearing about it.

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