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July 09, 2018 - 12:36 pm

scary future ahead

Well I didn't finish work at one on Monday, it was more like 3 and it was a long day.
Tuesday I logged of at 10ish for the last time. I was fine until Guy called me, then I got upset. I spent my late morning looking for jobs, trying to get myself calmed down so I could call Honey. I finally did give her a call but it was late- around 3 or 4 so she didn't answer. And I knew I wouldn't hear from her on the 4th. My tuesday class was ok. I had a new person stay who seemed like she was having fun. Wednesday I went to a free Pound class at athleta, and then we did nothing for the 4th. We watched fireworks on TV and got froyo. Thursday morning I had an email from Honey. They didn't hire any of their finalists. I cried a few tears of disappointment, then dropped the girls off at camp for the day. Jay and I went out to Snooze for breakfast and then I did some chores around the house. Friday we took Jade to camp. I did some more chores, like cleaned out our closet. Then we picked them up in the evening. We went to Chili's for dinner. Saturday the girls had camp again. I was asked to sub at StaFit so I jumped on that. Cleaned out the upper kitchen cabinets. Made the girls leftovers for dinner.
Did something, went night swimming, went for a couple of walks, it actually drizzled a little.Spent most of the time outside.
It's such an odd feeling. I love the not having to worry about work anymore- seriously love it. That stress is just gone entirely from my life.
But it's replaced with the HOW THE FUCK ARE WE GOING TO PAY OUR BILLS stress, which is scary as hell.
Yesterday was a lazy day. We were going to go look for a backpack, but Jade had a random meltdown and Jay yelled at her and then we didn't do anything. Watched Tangled. Jay & I went out to dinner and left the girls home with a frozen pizza. I went to bed early, around 9. I was tired.
Today I got up and spent almost 4 hours applying for jobs. It was only 12, and then I had 2 recorded phone interviews and one supplemental application with all of these questions. So many questions! It would have been so nice to win the pick on Saturday. Just 7 million.

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