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March 16, 2018 - 9:41 am

quick judy visit and march is half over

One week of spring break down, one week to go. I think I like fall break better because you feel like you are getting a break from the oppressive summer heat and want to get out. The girls are BORED and I feel bad but we are poor and can't go anywhere.
I've gotten a lot accomplished this week- little things like clean the fish water and redo the terrariums.
Friday was jade's well visit (all went well- 49") and then student led conferences (which took a while because we had to go to all the specials teachers. Then by the time I got home, it was time to log off for my 1/2 day of work and Judy was there. We went to oregano's for lunch and then ended up going to Pangaea at Odysea, charged the car and home. Saturday some guy came to look at my car. He couldn't get in touch with the bank to finalize the loan though so we agreed to finish the deal on Monday. We went to toys r us and the mall and they did some shopping. I did pound in the courtyard. Jay & I went out to dinner, which was nice. Sunday we went to the Ostrich festival. Got there early and stayed until about 2:30. Then went back to Scottsdale and took the girls to pound while we charged the car. Monday I had the day off. Sold my car :(
Picked up Jay's car from Tesla finally, went grocery shopping and then hit up a couple stores- walmart, dollar tree and sweeties. Then we went for dinner at Chompies' and Judy went back to NJ.
It was a good 4 days.
So to my dismay, when i returned to work Tuesday, I had to cover for Rachael who was out sick.... Wednesday too.
My Tuesday class was only 2 people, but it was a repeat lady who brought a friend.
Last Thursday we went to Mesa and talked to Andre- he put me on the schedule for 2 classes in Mesa starting in April and 2 in Chandler starting in May.
I also signed up for Amplify in July so I'm going to LA, and yesterday the just released Generation Pound, which is a whole youth program so I'm going for training in April for that. If only I can start making money teaching so I can pay for these trainings!
Yesterday workwise was a lot better. And after work, I spent 2 hours doing yard work (our trees look like trees). Then we ran to the store for some deals and home for dinner and a movie with the girls. I've been doing better with getting up before 7 but today was 7:15.
No weekend plans. I think jay has something in mind, but 1) the house needs to be cleaned and b) I don't know if my body will cooperate.
OH we got our federal tax rebate and state should be in Monday so we are starting to get stuff together for the pool. I'd love to get that taken care of, and the floors... still...and fix the holes in the living room... and repaint the outside of the house.
The inside of the house needs some paint too (hallways, dining room, den, my office) and I'd love to redo the pool decking. Maybe next year or in the fall even. I still think we are on borrowed time with the AC though.

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