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March 08, 2018 - 10:23 am

Jade turns 6, the end of cookies and my very own pound class

Friday March 2nd- Jade's 6th birthday! She wanted to open all her presents before school so she did. Jay & I brought her McDonalds for lunch. Then Cadence had her dodgeball tournament. She had to be there at 4:15 but we weren't allowed in until 5 so we had to hang out in the parking lot. Played with the drawing pad on the Tesla.
Dodgeball was long. We left at 7. Cadence's team won best theme and got a ice cream gift card.
Went to Olive Garden for dinner, Jade's choice. She got an ice cream sundae for dessert.
Then we picked up her birthday cake on the way home.
I finally finished packing for camping.
Joz got dropped off around 8. We had Jade's party from 10-12:30. I had one no-show from school but 11 total people there so it worked out ok. Cost me $100ish. Everyone seemed to have had a great time.
Got home and she opened up her presents. Then I straightened up and loaded up the car to go camping. Got there a little after two. Nowhere to park so I just started unloading all the stuff. By the time I was done, a spot freed up. But then it was about 2;20 and the juniors were coming at 2:30 so I hung out in the parking lot waiting for them. I walked Valerie Jocelyn and Sophia over to the campsite (I had no idea where i was going) and then by the time I got back to the parking lot, it was almost 3 and there were most of the daisies. It was about 3:20 by the time we got back to the campsite and started on our activities. We did knots, went on a hike and then made a snack and then it was time to leave.
So I walked them back to the parking lot. I got in a LOT of steps. Surprisingly, Donna didn't have much planned and the girls just kinda hung out most of the time. I was practicing pound for a bit. By 9:30 I was exhausted and went in the tent. It was a long restless night. It was cold and the ground was hard and I had to be up early, which I was- 6am. First one up! Cadence and I left by about 7:10... well started our trek to the car (10 minutes). By the time I dropped her off, switched cars and got to walmart for the final booth, it was 8:05. We did pretty well- 38 boxes for an 8am shift on the last day.
Came home and pretty much crashed. I had wanted to clean the house but I was just so tired that was not happening!
I ended up taking off Monday and got everything but the kitchen cleaned. I also did a bunch of random stuff- like finish prepping for the troop meeting, go to the bank, get financials together.
Then after the meeting I spent over an hour organizing, balancing cookie money etc etc.
Tuesday I cleaned the kitchen after work- got everything but the fridge done.
Yesterday damien stopped by with the last of the money. I'm just waiting on $70- $60 judy is bringing tomorrow and $10 for ken's cookies. Dawn owes me $20 and Josh owes jay $20. I've been trying to get myself organized and get things done that I've been putting off.
My stress level has dropped dramatically. The girls got to 1350 on their own so I was able to get them to 1500 again this year! We had quite a few last minute orders.
Today I'm dropping off the donation cookies! I've ordered patches for the girls.
My tuesday pound class was awesome! I had 6 people. 5 had never done pound before but they all had a blast and I hope to see them again next week! I did pretty good with my setlist. a few things i missed but nothing major.
I'll probably switch one or two songs for next week.
Judy is coming tomorrow and it's ostrich festival weekend, Jade's well visit, student-led conferences. No cleaning though (I do need to finish the fridge) and NO MORE COOKIES! And no meetings for 3 weeks.

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