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March 02, 2018 - 9:09 am

exciting news

Our Thursday booth was AWFUL. We sold 13 boxes.. Worst one of the season. Friday, the booth was better. We were back at Safeway. I had Kaelyn from 4-5:30 and then valerie from 4:45-6:30 so there was some single girl action. We sold some of her boxes and then I took the rest home with me to try and sell for her Saturday (back at bashas) It was a 9-11 and I had Katya and a girl from Courtney's troop. Katya was only there until 10. We did alright, but since it was Courtney's girl, their troop got the sale. We got 5 boxes worth of sales for Katya for the hour she was there. Certainly not worth my 2 hours. Then I came home, played with money and cookies, picked up the girls from pioneer day and then we were off to Night of the open door, which was shorter this year and had less stuff. A bit disappointing. Quick dinner and then cutting boxtops.
Sunday we went to Odysea just to get out of the house and I met a lady with cookies. Got home around 11:30 and the girls vegged in front of the TV. I started working on camping trip stuff.
Monday I took the girls to school so I could fill out paperwork to sub at Desert Fitness. The lady forgot about me and went to her class. I was sitting there for 45 minutes then finally left. So it was a 90 minute waste of time.
Tuesday was frustration about no RSVP's for Jade's party, and then I put my playlist together.
Wednesday I worked on the troop meeting stuff for Monday. Then I spent a good few hours practicing pound.I also got to see Cadence's poem. She got a 92.
Thursday was shopping for Jade and camping and making sure I have everything for the daisies and wrapping presents and reconciling the troop bank account (haven't lost any money yet!)
I've also been doing everyone's job at work. I hate quoting. Hate it! Supposedly Chris B is coming back to work on Monday. We shall see.

Gym/Pound news:
so last Friday... I met with Dominic at BR Fitness in Tempe. I was prepared to give him a demo/audition and pitch Pound. Well no demo necessary, he agreed to get me and pound on the schedule for march! Said he had to shift some things around but would hopefully know on Monday. Monday we stopped down there, but no word yet. I was a bit frustrated because I wanted to share my news but didn't want to until I had a set class time. After, we went to a new gym opening up called Aspire. Andre from AZ elite got hooked up with these guys over the weekend and they wanted him to come aboard and be the district manager for 3 gyms opening up in the next 2 months. He calls them "AZ Elite with money" so we went on a tour to check it out. It's by the library so not super close but not awful. He already told the General manager of that location that I would be on the schedule and that my membership would be comped. I didn't even have to ask! So I know jay is going to sign up there. They are still working out all the details, especially with the kids stuff. They'll have childcare but not sure yet about summer camp or kids classes. They'll have a pool and a lounge and golf simulator and a finished basketball court. Loads of equipment. Group fitness and spin rooms, turf. No trampoline park so probably no birthday parties. No waxing or spray tans. Maybe massage. Pretty exciting. I'm happy for him and this opportunity.
The other location is in Mesa, a little further, but I told him I'd be open to teaching at both locations. That one is supposed to open this month.
Tuesday on the AZ pound pros group page someone was asking about BR fitness. I found that REALLY odd. Then I got a missed call from Dominic. I got him back a little later and he did put me on the schedule for 6pm TUESDAYS!
I only told 2 people about my demo with br- and that was Danielle and Megan. I just find that really really weird. Whatever I'm the inaugural pound pro there and my class is going to rock because I WANT THIS SO BAD. Completely revamped my setlist. A lot of songs I haven't taught but I know them well enough from doing them in class. And a couple brand new ones. I'd say I'm 85% there.

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