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February 14, 2018 - 8:13 am

the saddest news ever

I need to start with what happened Monday night. I went to pound class, then Jade & I picked up her book it pizza hut pizza. We came home and ate dinner, stayed up too late watching TV. Was falling asleep in bed when Jay shook me and woke me up. Andre, the owner of our gym, posted a video that they were closing their doors that night. They never received payment from their insurance company for the water damage, and have been floating their rent. Now their landlord to them to pay up or get out. I couldn't fall back asleep. I slept poorly all night. Yesterday, that was what was mostly on my mind. Now we need to find a new gym to work out, I have to find a new place to teach, and a new place to have Jade's birthday party.
So instead of pound last night, I stayed home. I did practice after work though. I was trying to get ready for my new set list I was supposed to teach tomorrow.
Tonight we have cookie booths for valentine's day. Hoping we do well at walmart and a car show.
We did ok at Safeway and bass Pro. Then Saturday was alright. I gave up the early morning booth because I didn't have enough cookies so restocked for the 12-4 shift. Found a sunday shift and it was a little slow. Made a grocery list, and went food shopping by myself. Then just kinda vegged out all day.
The girls are at 966 so 1,000 is easy. 1250 could be reachable.

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