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February 08, 2018 - 2:08 pm

completely exhausted

Monday I got in some pound practice and rocked the meeting. Most of the girls had fun. It went well and being outside was a nice change of pace. Only a total of about 60 boxes were returned to the troop. Puts me at 250, which is manageable, but heavy on trefoils. I did exchange 5 cases that weren't opened (well we reglued one) for some mints to even things out a little.
Tuesday jay worked with bryan and I got a bunch done on the to-do list. Went to the bank and made many many deposits, costco for dog food, library book return, decorated for valentines, laundry, cleaned up, put on jade's petal. Drop off and pickup. I didn't get much work done. Jay got home for dinner and we just had spaghetti and meatballs. Then I went to pound and did 2 songs.
Yesterday, drop off, work (more work than Tuesday), picked up poop on my lunch, school pickup, homework, then off to teach Layal's class at 5:15. But there were no kids! They took it off the schedule :(
Then off to my ST meeting. I was there a little early since I only had to go to the church and I left the gym at 6:15. We got done at 9:15 so it was 9:30 by the time I got home. I mentally checked out, but was too tired to shower. However, when it was time to go to sleep, it wasn't happening. So I was washing dishes and picking up and little things here and there. Fell asleep on the couch around 1am and up at 7. I was so tired this morning.
Cadence was "sick" she says her stomach hurts and she has a sore throat. No fever. I was sending her to school but then she started crying and I can't deal with that bullshit in the morning, especially since I was exhausted so I sent her to her room and told her to only come out if she had to go to the bathroom.
Then back to work today after dropping off Jade. I didn't have much to do but it took me forever. And I finished a little while ago but didn't feel like starting on anything else. No pound today, but I have a cookie booth from 4-7. Betting Zuri doesn't show up since I haven't heard from her mom in over 2 weeks. I briefly saw her at the last meeting but didn't get to talk to her about cookies at all and they were a no-show this week too.
Tomorrow we have bass pro cookie booth! Cadence got invited to a birthday party/sleepover so we will probably only be at Bass Pro from 4-7 (instead of 9). I hope we sell a lot, or at least what's in the garage. I'm taking 100 boxes for today, which leaves me with 150 for tomorrow. My girls are at 765- they haven't sold anything this week. Hopefully they make it to 1,000. 1,500 doesn't seem possible this year. They aren't motivated AT ALL.
I have to figure out Jade's birthday. it's creeping up FAST.

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