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February 04, 2018 - 9:28 pm

2 weeks down, finally in the cookie groove.

Wednesday class went ok. Only one adult in class but 5 kids and they were so much fun. I managed to sort all the fall product stuff before class too so I told people to come thursday to pickup. Well I got a few but not many. Thursday I gave the girls the night off and I worked on the booth stuff and got it finished. Friday we had Fry's from 4-7. We did well.
Saturday we had booths from 8-12, I was only 10-12. Then I wanted to do fun things but just kinda hung around all day and went to Serrano's for dinner. Sunday we did some door to door, and then had another booth from 6-7 and we kicked ass- almost 80 boxes in the hour. Monday I was frustrated with Cadence & cookies so I skipped pound. Jade had her first drawing class and I had told cadence that we would go door to door while she was there so that I didn't have to drive all the way home. Well she says "i don't want to go" so I drove to arrowhead park to check out the pavillions and then to walmart for peanut butter for the daisy meeting. Then I came home and cut boxtops instead. Tuesday, also frustrated and skipped pound. Got all the tax paperwork ready for Peter. Wednesday I know we didn't sell cookies but I don't know what I did, to be honest. Not pound either.
Thursday Jay & I went to Pasty for lunch. We had a booth at a walmart market. It was ehh but the people there were the unfriendliest bunch I ever encountered. We packed up after 3 hours and got dinner to go home (BK). Friday I had a walmart booth from 4-8. We did well there. I ended up taking 1/2 a day because we had to get more cookies and jay wanted me to go with him; then I had to go for a haircut (finally), which was 90 minutes anyway! I finished the display for the 2nd booth setup (mostly, until I ran out of tape).
Saturday 8-10 I found a fry's booth that someone put back so we did that. A bit slow, but still cookies sold. Then I came home and cleaned the house. Got 6 rooms done in 3 hours and then off to another booth 2-4 with Hannah and Cadence. O.M.G. It was torture. Neither of them spoke. It was worse that Pria. Cadence should know better after her experience. I was getting so mad and frustrated.
Then back home. Jay & Jade had done some cleaning while we were gone but we finished most of it up and then I finished my booth setup. Totally forgot about Arianny's birthday party at 11. Didn't remember until 12. whoops.
Sunday 8-10 we had a booths at a Fry's. Donna had a booth at Walmart. We both did awful- 30 & 37 boxes. So disappointed. My girls just don't care. I don't know if Cadence is done with Scouts or what her problem is in general. She has no interest or passion in anything. I don't know any of her school friends (if she even has any). It's kinda depressing.
Then I came home and did bank and cookie reconciliation until about 2. I also went to the bank and made like 8 ATM deposits. The dogs got into a fight and both got cut up pretty bad. Not nearly as bad as the last time though.
We went over to danny's around 4:30 for some of the superbowl and stayed until about 6. I finally gave him his christmas present. Then we made dinner and just hung out.
Tomorrow we have a troop meeting. I planned the whole thing and I"m leading the juniors (mostly). Jay was supposed to work with Bryan but that job got postponed so he said he'd come to the meeting and count money for me. It's cookie return day. I'm a little scared. There are a couple parents that haven't been keeping me updated.
I finally feel under control as far as cookies go and getting shit done around here. I put in 13 hours between Thursday and Sunday just in booths.
I am, however, not practicing pound and it's throwing my mind off balance. Now that I'm passed week 2 of cookies I should be able to get myself in order again, or at least I hope

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