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January 24, 2018 - 10:23 am

cookie season has begun

Well, another week and I'm still about the same pace.
I ended up teaching Thursday at Joyful yoga for Rhwiana. I messed up a song but kept going. Decent class I think. Friday I took the day off and spent the whole day cleaning the house. Got 9/10 rooms done, then we had cookie kickoff/rally. We got there early to help setup. I end up on the door taking the money all night. I had 3 girls no show. Kinda annoying; glad I didn't prepay. Saturday up at 6 to be at cookie pickup at 6:30. I ended up being the director of traffic. Things went well. I left at 9:30 and they were almost done. Had to sub Rhwiana's other class at AZ elite at 11:15. STILL messed up a song, different one! UGH so frustrating to me because I KNOW them. I've done them. I was exhausted. Ended up taking a nap in the afternoon. We FINALLY made it to ice cream sammies and we watched a family movie (can't remember what one though)
Sunday morning I wanted to go do something fun but I was so behind on getting ready for cookie pickup and cleaning and laundry that we just did chores in the morning. I started working on getting the booth together. I made a great board of all the things we've done as a troop.
My jr cookie pickup was 3 people. Donna had come earlier. Tosha came with the daisies. Esmeralda picked up saturday, damien hasn't picked up yet. My daisies I had 5/7, two no shows. so weird. And then it was 5pm and I had receipts to enter and dinner to cook.
Monday meeting. I recruited Vicky and Paula to help run the daisies and they did a great job. I helped with the juniors since I did the planning. It went ok with 2 separate agendas but no one cleaned up before they left so I was pretty pissed. I had parents giving me money and getting more cookies at the end and it was chaos. Someone should have stepped up and helped out, whether it was a girl or a parent, because that was NOT fair to me. And I let them know!
We didn't get out selling on Monday at all.
Yesterday we did 4 houses and sold 24 boxes (our regular customers) Then we went to the gym to sell and did 26 boxes in the 2.25 hours, which wasn't terrible. Jay says to not go back tonight. I'm teaching so he wants to just take the girls around the neighborhood.
We got home at 7:30 and then ate dinner and then I worked on girl scout stuff until almost 11- trying to get booth paperwork organized and update troop records oh yeah and organize money and boxes for 2 girls selling. I haven't found my groove yet and it's frustrating to me. I'll get there, I know I will but I'm so behind.
I still have to finish the booth. We went with a jenky booth at the gym.
If jay will take the girls out 3:30-5 or something like that, I can work on what I need to finish for the booth (you know because I've half finished everything) and get ready for my 5:15-6:30 classes.
Tax paperwork? nope not even started!

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