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August 02, 2017 - 10:16 am

needle in a haystack (or fitbit in a pile of gravel)

Yesterday, I didn't feel like doing any work. It's been happening all too much lately. I did what needed to get done, but didn't go above and beyond. I took 30 min for lunch and just laid down for 20 of them because I felt so tired. Picked up the girls from school. Jade says her fitbit is missing out of the band... ugh. So we dropped the girls at home and then went back to the school to look for it. It synched on the playground so we knew it was there somewhere. We spent an HOUR searching through the gravel rocks. The last active hour was 10am so she lost it in the morning. We were pretty much ready to give up. Then jays bluetooth signal finder had max bars. It was at the bottom of the slide buried in rocks. We left hot, sweaty and covered in rock dust. NOT how I wanted to spend my afternoon!
Home, cook dinner, dishes, clean up, check homework, back to my chores! :(
Also FINALLY started working on a new template for the Agenda and Minutes. Service team meeting tonight

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