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July 31, 2017 - 9:23 am

disappointed can't even begin to describe the feeling I had Saturday

The fates did not align. I tried to fight all the obstacles, but ultimately, the world had other plans for me.
First, there was no bus. Ok- we can do that drive! We'll have less time together, but that's ok! Then I got my period. That's ok! It will be day 3, not so bad. We can deal with it! I did a shit-ton of errands friday. I got Everything done! The planets were aligning and I was so excited! Then it POURED on the car ride up. We left early and still made it there on time, safely! It POURED halfway back! But we still got to the hotel at 9, just as I had anticipated. We checked in and got to our room. We walked the grounds, which were pretty and romantic. I was excited. We sat by the fountain. We went in the hot tub. I think we went to bed around 4am. Woke up a little before 9. I was hungry. We hadn't eaten since dinner at like 5:30. We went to breakfast since we had a credit. I got French toast and berries. Jay got eggs, hash browns and bacon. It was good. We were settling in. We finished breakfast around 10 and headed back to the room for a bit before our 11 am spa time. We get there at 10:50. They don't have our reservation. It wasn't fully booked. Not my fault- I have an email with a time and an appointment and confirmation. They have NO openings all day. Nothing. They offered a mani/pedi. um NO. I don't want a mani/pedi! "sorry, there's nothing we can do for you". I left in tears and we went back to the room. I crawled into a ball on the couch and felt utter defeat. I wasn't even angry. I don't think I could have felt anger at that point.
That awesome feeling I have the day after was just gone. The feeling of not a care in the world and pure happiness, was replaced by total sadness.
Jay went down to reception to talk to someone. They offered to check with the spa and see if there was something they could do, and said they would call him. He came back and we sat on the couch. I just needed to be curled up in his arms. By 11:45, we decided to just leave. There was no point in staying, "hoping" that someone would cancel. So we checked out. They comped us our entire stay, which was $300 with the tax and fees for the one night, and we drove home.
It was supposed to be our day alone to cuddle, relax, be pampered. We have NEVER had an opportunity like this before. An entire day after, with no kids to care for, no one to bother us. The ONE CHANCE... ruined.
We cuddled for a little while and I ended up falling asleep for like 2 hours. When I woke up it was after 4. We went to Angry Crab for dinner around 5. It was a nice dinner. The waitress was making the "aww so cute" eyes at me while Jay was getting me a napkin and putting on my bib. Then we met up with Jason and Celina and we went to Sammies for dessert. It was nice to get out and be social. There was nothing wrong with our evening, but it's not how it should have been. I was so full from food that I ended up going to bed around 10. I had even made a drink, took 2 sips of it and just put it in the fridge.
Sunday we were up at 7 and out the door to pick up the girls. Got to prescott at 9:30 and home by 11:30. Had some lunch, went to costco, came home and laid down. I was tired, physically and emotionally.
The afternoon was uneventful. We got pizza for dinner and off to bed by 10 again.
I have been looking forward to this weekend for 5 months. FIVE MONTHS! When are we ever going to get a chance like this again? 10 years?
This entire month has been nothing but disappointment. Everyone getting sick, hurting my back... nothing worked out like I had hoped.
I can only cross my fingers that August will be a better month

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