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June 23, 2017 - 7:21 am

record temps

It is been so hot that I just don't feel like doing anything! Two record high days in a row, Tuesday being 119 and Wednesday 118. Both girls have coughs. Jade threw up everywhere Friday night at like 3am. This week has been nothing but work for me and laziness for them, followed by 5pm swimming lessons for Jade.
Thursday I got the palm trees cut- FINALLY
My day off last Friday was fun. Took the girls to As you wish and Cadence did a painting class while Jade just painted. We were going to go to the movies, but it was 80% full so we got our tickets for a later time and then stopped home, ate lunch, and went to the History Museum. Jay stayed home. Got back around 3 and then went to see Cars 3, which was awesome! Went to the mall and got new sunglasses for me.
Then the 3am vomit wake up call. so Saturday was just a hang around all day, gym, and went swimming.
Saturday night we did stuff. Sat outside since it was a warm night. I actually got some sleep for once. I think I only woke up one time. I'm pretty sure I didn't drink enough water.
Sunday was Father's day. I made french toast and bacon but didn't eat any. We hung out, played a bunch of board games. Made father's day dinner and then met up with Sam and Bryleigh for ice cream. Found out she's going to Legacy next year too!

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