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May 24, 2017 - 1:36 pm

end of school

Last week was nuts. Meet the teacher was ok. Super quick. Cadence made tacos for dinner and earned her simple meals badge (crap need to update that spreadsheet). Thursday I picked up jade after school and we went to the dentist. So it was a 3 hour lunch kinda day. Friday was graduation. 2.5 hour lunch day LOL. We dropped cadence off afterwards and I was home by about 10:30. Saturday I didn't get up for paddleboard yoga. I was so sore and tired. Picked up the rest of the incentives from Deborah's and headed to the sleepover for 3. It was a LONG night. Poor jade... she got her gift stolen twice in the white elephant gift exchange, she got sat on by Valerie, she got addy thrown into her and Lauren spilled an entire cup of ice water on her sleeping bag. She was also LAST for snocones. She ended up falling asleep on my lap on the couch between 10-10:30. i left her there and then went to Lauren's room around 11. I barely got any sleep. The clock was ticking on the wall and the girls were loud until about midnight. We ended up leaving by 8:30 because jade was just beat and wanted to go home. Jay and I did some sunday food shopping and did some hanging around the house. Wanted to go swimming but that didn't happen. I took about an hour nap too.
This week has been less crazy. Jade's done with school so just one drop off and pick up. no homework for Cadence either. Last night we went out to dinner with Bryan and his new woman Christine just to cornish pasty. She seems nice. Jay says he likes her better than Kate. Monday I went to the gym in the morning and then in the evening to try out a different pound instructor. I didn't like her music as much. I also went Saturday to pound too. Yesterday we told jade she could come to the gym with us but she got so annoying and it was a crazy day at work that we didn't end up going. Today I went to go to Jackie's dance class but she wasn't there. She was sick. So I did some stairs, ran a mile and did some TRX. Finally sold some of the preschool toys- $10 and I split it with Jade. Kevin and Angela had a baby girl Monday, Skylar. THey aren't sure of the spelling yet.
Judy got in this morning. Cadence still has school until Friday.
Oh for the speech evaluation, the woman says Jade has Fronting. She recommended a full evaluation and therapy. so i started looking into some places. I don't know what to do. The Mesa school district says that her charter would have to do the evaluation. I have to pick up the boxtops tomorrow so maybe I'll ask when I'm there.
Friday is 1/2 a day. We might head to the Odyssey aquarium.

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