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March 06, 2017 - 2:25 pm

jade turns 5

Last week was insane. John and Judy got in Tuesday late morning. I had to pick up Jade from school, and we went to the bank and we went to get gas and still beat them. It was end of month so I was busy working. Ended up at Chompies for dinner. At Chompies they had the lady bug cake so we bought one for Jade. Wednesday I worked (first of the month) Got a lot done. The girls went to school. Judy sat on the couch. Typical visit. Got the box tops counted and shipped off too. Picked Cadence up from school and went to walmart to get cake supplies and other random stuff. I had a service team meeting Wednesday so I was off before 7 and then home around 10. It was a long day.
Thursday I had off, but it wasn't really a day off. Took the girls to school came home and baked the cake. I had to pick Jade up from school too. I let her play for a while and then we went to the library and then McDonald's drive thru for lunch. Didn't get home until after 1 and then we just played some games and then she opened her presents from us. Went to Red Robin for dinner (her pick) and then came home and had lady bug cake for dessert.
Cadence played happy birthday on the violin.

that's it for now- i have too much to do

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