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February 07, 2017 - 11:07 am

staying on top of stuff

I've been trying to stay on top of stuff this week. Did 12 hours of booths this weekend, cleaned the entire house top to bottom, nothing left undone. Took off yesterday to finish mopping, laundry and food shopping. Also took a much needed nap!
I have days, and that was a good day to use one. Completed Jade's enrollment today. Kindergarten sneak peek brought us a big surprise. They are switching to a year-round schedule next year. I am not happy about it, but I like the school so we will give it a try. That means Cadence's summer will only be about 6 weeks and 4 of those she will be at camp. Guess we won't be going anywhere!
Peter is coming on Thursday for our taxes. I got Jade's birthday booked at Pump it up. Dawn is working on the invites. Been trying to stay on top of GS mileage for next year. ALways something on my to-do list. But at least if I put it there, I eventually do it. Went to the gym this morning for pound. Every time I've gone at 9 I get the class to myself. It's awesome. Did go to schedule Jade's well visit and they don't take our insurance and won't do cash pay so I have to find a new pediatrician (again). Just add it to the list!
Donna did the last 2 GS meetings- simple meals badge. Still need 1 more to finish it up. I'm staying out of it. I have enough on my plate.
2 weeks of cookies over, 4 more to go. Still way behind in sales. We didn't do any door to door last week. Going to try this week to get out at least 2 days.

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