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January 24, 2017 - 11:28 am

cookie season begins

The madness has begun! Cookie sales started yesterday. We managed to get out for about an hour yesterday before the troop meeting. More chaos. I was so exhausted by the time it was all over.
Sunday I spent most of the day redoing all the signs for the booth since the price increased. I did not think it would take me as long as it did, but they turned out great. I just have to do the GOC sign since the girls picked their organization last night.
Cadence has to set up her Digital cookie site too. Hoping to go out today and then maybe work on that stuff after dinner.
Saturday we had cookie pickup- the new way- 45 minutes just waiting in the car. Less than 15 to pull and load our cookies. Trying to keep the girls entertained while we were idling was difficult. Then I came home and cleaned. So the weekend was boring but productive. I still need to do Cadence's room and the fridge. I'll get to it eventually.
Saturday night I went to a "mom bff speed dating event". It was so fast paced and a giant blur. I can't remember the last time I talked that much and to that many people.
Friday night was the cookie kickoff party. I got there at 5 to help setup, but there really wasn't anything for me to do. Spent the first hour at the door helping check girls in.
My work was broken most of Tuesday and Wednesday. I sat around waiting for the system to come online. Kind of a waste. Thursday was supposed to be catch-up day but I got stuck doing quotes all day for 2 days because Chris B was busy. I was NOT happy about that. Thursday was also the 17th anniversary of the boland hall fire. Friday was 9 years for my mom. I hate this week. It's so emotional and always jam packed with things going on.
Friday was also inauguration day for Mr Trump. So much hate in our country because of all of this. He's already started undoing the ACA, which affects me directly, unless I happen to land a new job with sweet benefits this year. AZ voted to increase the minimum wage so we are seeing small businesses post notices about price increases. Whoever voted for that is an idiot. Politics never interested me much but now I'm starting to pay more attention to things. It's just disappointing as a whole.
Hitlar was voted into power. Look what he did. Time to wake up and make more informed decisions and choices when it comes to laws and our leaders.
I have a decent amount of work to do but I'm not focused.
I started working on our tax stuff. I have almost all of it ready already! I'm waiting on one mortgage form and just need to get my WFH and GS expenses together. It will be nice to file before cookie season is over. I guess it helped that I closed Jay's books every month instead of scrambling in January to get the whole year done.
I try to be organized. Sometimes I'm really good at it and other things just fall apart.

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