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January 09, 2017 - 6:50 am

Vacation over, back to work- time to focus

Well my vacation is over and it's back to work in 10 minutes. It was pretty much a waste, as expected. Did finish up christmas returns and some errands. Went to the Gym, and even tried spin class on Friday. Bought the groupon and went to lights of the world on Thursday. It was really neat, especially the acrobats. Went hiking yesterday to so mountain. Tried a different trail, it was kinda boring. But I was not prepared and we just sorta picked a place and then didn't leave until 10:30. I had a service team meeting wednesday and a 3 hour planning meeting for the cookie rally on Friday. At least that's done. Troop meeting tonight. I think I'm prepared enough. Started packing for CO. Gotta get the stuff shipped out tonight. Cadence is back to school today. She did get her 3rd q book report done last night but man she was a lazy bones all break!

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