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December 12, 2016 - 11:35 am

fighting off germs

Been chipping away at the list of things to do. Got stuff up on craigslist, put in the initial cookie order, wrote out the christmas letter (it took me a few hours) and then did the 10 cards that I had here. Ordered 25 more, which will be here on Friday. But I should be able to get them out by Saturday and they should still arrive before Christmas. Had to pay for expedited shipping but I have so many shutterfly codes, that I think I only spent $20 and the first 10 cards were free. I got all the candy and trinkets for the stockings. I placed an order with this store called office playground. THey had some fun stuff- that will be here tomorrow. Got my hair appt setup for Thursday, but everything but 1 item for cookie shopping. I have everything that is here wrapped, except for 3 things.
Still on the list- make pierogi, make cookies, leader holiday party. Saturday I'll be at a journey in a day all day with Cadence. I have off Thursday and Friday. I was going to make dough on Wednesday night but it's the leader party. So I guess I will make dough Thursday morning and then do pierogi, and then cookies most of Thursday and Friday. Last year we did the pierogi in like 3 hours.
The RX7 came back yesterday. Kent has officially cleared out his shop. I've been fighting something since last Tuesday/Wednesday. Just a cold/sore throat. My throat was feeling better on Saturday but then sunday I relapsed. Hung around and did NOTHING yesterday because I felt like garbage. Feeling slightly better today. Saturday we had the 100+ fall product ice skating event at cityscape. We got there on time and glad that we did. 1/2 an hour later it was so crowded. We had the ice for 2 hours, but left after an hour. The rink is small but it was a cute outdoor experience. Friday was the office holiday luncheon. Everyone logged off work by 1pm and didn't go back. I started working on this web platform. Spent most of Thursday working on it too. It's frustrating and I have no motivation. Not a good combo.
Thursday I dropped off Cadence at gymnastics and then ran to walmart for candy and cookie making ingredients and went to good will and found an apron for Jade. I had gone to one the other day with no luck.
I have to say that yesterday Jay was not home, he was helping Kent move stuff. The girls were being so nice to each other and playing legos for most of the day and didn't bother me. I still couldn't get any sleep but at least I was able to rest in peace.

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