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December 05, 2016 - 8:26 am

Already December, still busy!

Still ridiculously busy. Got through another girl scout meeting. Watched Cadence's concert on Tuesday. Orchestra sounded great! Then Angry Crab for dinner. Got the majority of my wrapping done during the work-day spaced out over 3 days.
Wednesday we had Lauren over after school. It was Loud. Thursday we picked up free ornaments from Tumbleweed and then went to the candy store for advent calendars. Completely missed gymnastics. I think I'm going to cancel her. It's expensive, she doesn't seem to want to go anymore and she doesn't seem to be learning/improving at all. Still want to check out the new gym and I know they have a program there (and it's cheaper)
Friday I finally managed to get in a day off. Dropped off the girls, ran to walmart to return bulbs that I bought and pick up candy and frosting for Jade's class. Then went to breakfast, and waited for JCP to open. Returned the elf PJ's and exchanged Jay's sweater. Then went to Best Buy and returned Office, and then Lush for some stocking items. Then came home and finished wrapping while Jay picked up jade from school. Then I relaxed for a little and spent the rest of the day cleaning the house. Got 6 rooms done, and then worked on all the Box Tops. Saturday we did double building at home depot and lowes. Came home and did more cleaning- girls' rooms and the living room. Left for the light parade at 5:15. It went well and I'm glad that it's over. Picked up a del taco dinner at 8:30 and then got the girls into bed.
Sunday I finished the kitchen. It took me a while, I was slow-going. Also wrapped teacher gifts, got ready for next week's meeting, finished the box tops, got my cookie shopping list together, went to costco, updated the gs spreadsheet, did jay's element powder books. All this crazy stuff on my list that needs to get done.
Big things to still do- finish the stockings, list stuff on craigslist, put in our initial cookie order, and the christmas cards.
Work has been crazy with this new web platform. Call after call. I had one at 7am. I have another one in 2 hours. I clear the papers on my desk and then a day later there's another giant pile.
I took off next Thursday and Friday to make cookies and pierogi. That still leaves me with 8 vacation days AFTER those two.

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