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November 28, 2016 - 8:32 am

Turkey day, Jay's 40th, still busy busy

Jay's 40th- got up and hiked south mountain- fat man's pass. We were hiking for 3 hours. Then we went to Chompies for lunch. Picked up a baskin robbins cake for dessert. Everyone was still pretty full from lunch so we just ate the leftovers.
Jay had done most of the cleaning on Friday while I was working so 90% of the house was clean. I just did the living room (which reminds me that we still didn't vacuum the couch). Sat outside and had a fire, nice quiet night. Went to bed after 1, got no sleep and was up at 6. Sunday was a lazy day.
Monday I took cadence to get her braces off! Had to pick her up from school at 11 and then Jay drove her back. She got a bag full of candy she wasn't supposed to be eating and balloons. Tuesday I finally went for my makeover. The woman was super nice, but the process was way tooo complicated for me and when I went to wash off, it felt like glue. Wednesday, Jay took Cadence to get her retainer and she was at school by 8:30, so not too bad. She goes back in 2 months and they will reevaluate how often she needs to wear it. Then she had a half day so I picked up her and Lauren.
Thursday was turkey day. Jay cooked. It turned out good, but it's just so much work for 4 of us so we went the easy route- instant potatoes and stuffing and canned corn and of course canned cranberry. I didn't get out of my PJ's until 8 when we went out shopping. We left the girls home in bed. We went to JCP and Target and Best Buy. Then we went to another BB to see if they had this computer Jay wanted to get. His is toast- the mouse is messed up and the battery barely holds a charge.
Black Friday, we got up early and headed to Home Depot at 6am for a cookie cart. Jay got some tools. Then we hit Walmart and Petco. Came home with Bosa for the girls and ate then back out to Costco and JCP. Didn't actually do much shopping. Costco we bought foil and gel pens. JCP we didn't buy anything. We were looking at appliances. Came home and started decorating. Jay had run to Kent's but he wasn't there. He helped me finish decorating and then we ran out to Michael's, Target and Lowes. Back home and setup snow under my snowmen, which I have displayed on the pool table. (At least it's good for something LOL) I had promised to take the girls to the park, but it was getting late and Cadence didn't finish her book/book report.
Saturday we got up and went to Costco for the tree, but they didn't come in. We then hit BBB for a cheese slicer, and then building at Home Depot. Decided to go to the other costco wayyyy over at San Tan and get the tree. Came home and let it sit. Cadence worked on her book report. I started working on the outside lights. We decided to retire Santa this year and I bought a Trex! LOL Got everything but the icicles setup so I took the girls to the park with Ginger. Jade rode her bike, cadence her scooter. Ginger dragged me along. (She is awful on a leash!) Got back around 4:30 and they were hungry so I made them dinner. Jay got home about 5:00 and then we went back to JCP. Bought our dishwasher and stove- got a killer deal because someone didn't know how to use a calculator- HAHAHA! Jay applied for their card and got 0% interest so we did some more shopping. We were gone for 3 hours. The girls were getting worried. I had promised them we could decorate the tree when we got back, but it was after 8 when we did so I had to postpone that too.
My plan was to put the lights on the tree sat night, finish cadence's book so I could help her with her book report and do the dishes.... I ended up working on my spreadsheet to see how much money I spent. I got 90% of the book read and no dishes washed and no lights touched. So sunday morning that's the first thing I did. Then the girls decorated the tree themselves. Jay did the roof lights, and we ran out to the dollar tree for some index cards for Cadence's oral presentation, glitter glue for Buster's stocking, and a new family ornament. The selection was lacking this year. Certainly not my favorite, but at least it's something different.
I'm a little disappointed that I didn't go running ONCE in 4 days. We didn't make it hiking (either as a family OR with the neighborhood on Saturday).l However, Christmas is UP! Cadence and Jade are DONE (except for stockings). I'm READY for Girl Scouts tonight. We have a new dishwasher AND stove headed our way. So yeah, pretty accomplished.
I want to take off tomorrow to do all the wrapping and any little shopping, but waiting for Guy to download the credit card statements for me... >:
No word on that job yet. Still have 11 vacation days to use by the end of the year :rolls eyes:

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