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October 24, 2016 - 9:43 am

back to normal

So getting back to normal around here.
Wednesday I got up and ran 3.5 miles to alma school. I had wanted to go all the way to price, but I didn't get up early enough for the extra mile. Then I realized that jade's halloween carnival for school was THIS FRIDAY so after we went to a school fundraiser at eklectic pie, we went to 2 dollar trees to look for those dinosaur heads. Found one yellow one with a rip. Bought it just in case for 0.50. Then Thursday, Jay went to two more, donna went to one and I went to two more before I finally found the green one! Took cadence to gymnastics and got Jade's wings amazon prime :)
Friday morning was her carnival. Jay was busy with work so he only stayed for about 40 minutes and they were home by 10. Got Cadence's report card- straight A's and O's! Work was slow so I got 7 rooms cleaned by Friday night. Saturday we got up early and went hiking at Papago park. It was super easy and I enjoyed how close it was. When we got home, jay helped me finish up cleaning. Then we went to Walmart, pickup fall product, drop cadence off at Lauren's then took jade to a birthday party at Peter Piper pizza. We got CheeseCake factory on Doordash and watched Bad Moms. Yesterday I was working on Cadence's birthday thank you cards because I didn't do them and that's not like me and then I had to go and pick her up. Then I was playing with Jade waiting for Laurie to get her to pick up her candy. Then we went food shopping, came home, and did more of nothing. I wanted to go swimming.
Today I woke up so tired (I was tired most of yesterday too) and my stomach hurts. I'm having a ginger ale and hopefully it will help.

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