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October 17, 2016 - 9:23 am

vacation cancelled

I definitely have quite a bit to say. Thursday and Friday were more of the same. I got 6 rooms cleaned on Thursday. Friday I took the girls to parent teacher conference and then to Cadence's well visit and the school book fair. Saturday morning I just couldn't take it anymore. I woke up at like 5am and found jay sleeping in Cadence's room so I just curled up next to him. He was ignoring me because he saw I was angry and wanted to give me space. I told him I was angry because he's been in such a crap mood lately. I finished the cleaning (by myself of course). Another uneventful weekend.
Sunday we were supposed to leave for CA, but Judy cancelled the hotel. Jay couldn't find anyone to watch the dogs and he didn't want to go if I was mad at him. We went to Lolo's for breakfast.
So Monday I worked and Jade went to school. I picked to go to Out of Africa on Tuesday so that's what we did. And then we went to Organ Stop Pizza for dinner. Wednesday I worked. Thursday I took 1/2 a day. I took a nap and then we went to the farmer's market and Sammies and Target so Cadence could spend her birthday gift card. Friday I worked. We did nothing most of the weekend. Yardwork yesterday and swimming. Saturday night we went to Main Event and played video games... our "date night". We also went to dinner at Chompies (all of us). Judy leaves tomorrow. It's been a long two weeks. Cadence is back to school today. She took her to the park one day while Jade was at school. Otherwise, all they did was sit around and watch tv. It's so frustrating to me. You're here to visit. You see them maybe twice a year- DO something! Make memories!
No word on a new job yet. I'm still looking. Not as much- things were thrown off schedule the last two weeks.
Girl Scouts tonight. Need to get ready for that.

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