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September 16, 2016 - 9:42 am

finally some relief

So Friday afternoon, I caved and made a dr appt for Tuesday. Went there tuesday morning. Dr says it seems to be muscular but sent me for x-rays just to be sure. Got my xrays done and they actually called me tuesday night letting me know that there's nothing wrong with my bones, it's "normal wear and tear". Gee way to makeme feel old.
Surprisingly, Thursday I woke up and felt ok. Even today I feel pretty good. Which makes me kinda mad that I have to pay for the dr + 3 x rays. If I just waited another week, it would have gone away on its own.
Monday was girl scouts. I had a lady from this moms facebook group come to teach a little art, but she was REALLY late- like 45 minutes. So we improvised and the girls were decent, surprisingly. I skipped my leaders meeting Wednesday. I have muscle relaxers so I'm not supposed to be driving. They certainly help me sleep! Yesterday I went for a haircut. I really haven't been doing much, but I'm glad I'm starting to feel better at least so maybe I'll be in a better mood. Didn't leave the house all last weekend.
Jay's car is a pile of garbage. He can't even drive it. Issue with the motor and the transmission. He drove it to Mark's work on Friday. They looked at it on Tuesday and he got it towed back here wednesday in an attempt to figure it out himself. He is pretty upset about the whole thing, even crying. I'm not mad or upset at him. He said he wanted it and I supported his decision. We all make bad decisions in life, just learn from it and move on.
He's also been quiet with work. I'm not quite sure how we are going to pay the electric bill this month. We've been digging into his change jug to pay for things.
I haven't started looking for a job yet but I really need to. Jade has been on fall break all this week and it wasn't awful. She's off next week as well.
Cadence's party is next week. I'm waiting on vinyl to make the decorations and the rest of the favors. I need to get some food stuff.
This weekend is cleaning weekend and then I'll probably take off 1/2 a day next friday and just do some touch up cleaning. Or maybe clean the whole house again, but if it's only a week dirty, shouldn't take as long.
Today's buster's birthday. He's 2. I got him some new bones and the girls made him cards.
I have to say that this week I am trying. I've done cooking most nights, I'm helping with the dishes, I'm back to taking vitamins and flossing. I haven't been a total lump.
I emailed Judd and Randy and told them I wasn't coming back to Kosama yesterday. I just want to go for a run because it's getting nice out but I know if I do, I might just make things worse. It's frustrating for me :(

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